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Avoiding cancer by eating spinach: impact of chlorophyll

  1. Anything we eat can cause cancer in the organs to develop over time. A very important cause of this is a toxin called Aflatoxin B1. It has an important influence on the change of DNA in organs, causing tissue to divide in the wrong way. What influence does leaf green or chlorophyll have on this and why is it wise to eat spinach or seaweed?

Avoiding cancer via chlorophyll

  1. What is leaf coloring? AFB1: a major cause of cancer We take it regularly Toxic regulations Why eat spinach? Alternative: The Japanese eat a lot of seaweed Chlorophyll tablets

What is leaf coloring?

  1. Chlorophyll is something we see on plants every day. It gives the bright green color, as it is the plant's primary colorant. It ensures that plants are able to receive light and thus convert it into energy

AFB1: a major cause of cancer

  1. Aflatoxin B1 is a poison that is produced by the fungus called Aspergillius Flavus. It is described as C17-H12-O6, which has been proven to be carcinogenic to humans. It occurs on certain foods such as corn, hazel, pistachios with peanuts, rice, grains, and so on. Products made from this can also contain this cancer causing agent. In addition, cows can also transfer the toxin to milk. A clear relationship has been found between taking the fungus and getting different types of cancer, with liver cancer as the main one

We take it regularly

  1. Without knowing it, we get the fungus through multiple food types

Alternative: Japanese eat a lot of seaweed

  1. It is a frequently asked question why Easterners are so healthy and often reach an extremely high average age. On the one hand, it has to do with the intake of large quantities of fish. These consist of unsaturated fats (omega-3

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