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Bach flowers - help with despair or despair

  1. The sixth category that Dr. Edward Bach distinguished in his 38 flower remedies is that group of Bach flowers suitable for healing people who are suffering from despair or despair. Five remedies have been placed in this category. The states of mind that fall under this group are very diverse, ranging from fear of contamination to guilt, from an exaggerated sense of duty to the feeling that the responsibility one bears is becoming too much.

Crab apple (Apple)

  1. This blossom is suitable for people who quickly find things dirty, have an aversion to something, in the worst case suffer from a fear of blemishes. Even fussy eaters who turn their noses at everything they are served can be helped with Crab Apple.

Elm (Field elm)

  1. Anyone who has a richly filled life may occasionally feel that the totality of responsibilities is too difficult to bear. The stress at work that becomes too great, the combination between work and household or between work and children that is difficult to make ...

Larch (Larch)

  1. Larch is a blossom often taken by students. This remedy helps to control performance anxiety. Anyone who thinks he is not as good as the others, and who always feels that he will fail, is often proved right because his despondency prevents him from building up enough self-confidence.

Oak (Oak)

  1. Some people have set themselves a tough task, which they fulfill very dutifully. They are so absorbed in what they think they should do that they ignore their tiredness.

Pine (Den)

  1. There are people who are left with everything they do with the feeling that they could have done better. They constantly walk around with gnawing guilt and never manage to be satisfied with what they have achieved.

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