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Bad bowel movements and bloated stomach

  1. Having bad bowel movements is very annoying. Constipation is something that especially women suffer from. Many women suffer from a bloated stomach due to constipation. Your bowel habits are disrupted, and only a healthy gut flora and lifestyle can ensure that the problem is solved. The constipation has arisen due to incorrect dietary habits (low fiber eating) and / or too little exercise. There are various means to restore the intestinal flora.

Laxatives, beware

  1. If you have (long-term) bad bowel movements, it can be tempting to switch to laxatives. When this is really used incidentally, it is not such a problem. But regular use to combat constipation is certainly not recommended. Laxatives have quite a few drawbacks. The intestinal flora is disrupted even more by using laxatives. The intestinal flora contains many good bacteria: these are important for good resistance and against constipation. By using a laxative (and this is also the case with anti-biotics) you fight those good bacteria. In addition, your intestines get used to the laxatives, which makes bowel movement even slower. If a laxative has been used frequently, you can really get a problem in the form of a spastic bowel. A swollen stomach


  1. Antibiotics and laxatives have a negative effect on the intestinal flora. By taking probiotics you will rebuild your intestinal flora. Your bowel movements will improve and your resistance will improve. The bloated stomach disappears. You can buy probiotics at a health food store

Dietary fiber

  1. Bad bowel movements are partly caused by low-fiber diet. It is therefore important to replace your current diet with fiber. A lot of fiber is in vegetables, fruit and potatoes. There are special yoghurts with added fiber. Read on the packaging which brand of yogurt contains the most fiber. The easiest way to get enough fiber is through a can of dietary fiber, which you can buy at a health food store. You add a scoop of this to your yogurt twice a day. It is effective and certainly ensures good bowel function and thus restored bowel movements.


  1. Bran helps with bad bowel movements. You can improve the complaints of constipation. A disadvantage is that bran absorbs a lot of moisture. This means that if you drink too little fluid in a day, you can do more

Broken linseed

  1. Broken linseed is a good, effective and inexpensive aid against a bloated stomach and constipation. You will notice that it works after only a few hours. It's really easy to use: you can sprinkle some flaxseed on your bread, through your food, on your pizza. In the beginning, use at least three tablespoons a day. Good side effect of flaxseed: it is full of essential fats that are also good for health.

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