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Beautiful teeth: oral hygiene instructions

  1. Good oral hygiene is very important to have and maintain healthy teeth. Dental plaque is the main cause of problems in the mouth, such as cavities (caries), gum disease (gingivitis) and periodontal breakdown (periodontitis). But not everyone knows how best to get rid of dental plaque. That is why here are some tips for optimal oral hygiene.

Manual toothbrush or electric brushing

  1. A good toothbrush is essential! When purchasing, make sure to buy one with a small head

Brushing instruction oral hygiene

  1. You start by placing the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees against the gumline. Start at the back. Apply light pressure. Then make short back and forth movements. Keep brushing in the same place for a few seconds and then slide the brush a little further. Very important to be systematic


  1. In places that are still difficult to reach, another means is needed. The toothpick is not only useful for removing food residues, but also for removing the plaque between your teeth. Here's how: keep the toothpick

Flossing: dental floss or dental floss

  1. In the back and often at the front teeth it is difficult to stick, you can also floss there. Wrap approximately 40 cm of dental floss around the middle fingers and span 2 to 3 cm between the thumbs and / or index fingers. Go with a sawing motion


  1. At the places in your mouth where the space between the teeth is large (or a tooth is missing!), The brush can also be used. Correct size is very important! Hold the brush between your thumb and index finger and insert the brush vertically between the teeth and push as far as possible. Then move the brush horizontally a number of times


  1. Also read the special Dental and gum disease and find all the information about your mouth and teeth.

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