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Behind the scenes of Gucci

  1. When we think of Gucci, we think of luxury, glittery glamor. But how did Gucci originate? What is Gucci besides that they are known for beautiful luxury items?

The History of Gucci

  1. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci. In 1921 Gucci opens a small bag factory in Florence. The bags were made by the best Florentine bag makers. In 1938 Gucci started to expand in Rome, in 1951 he opened a store in Milan and 2 years later Gucci has reached America and the brand becomes a great success.

Gucci shop New York

  1. In February of this year, Gucci opened its largest shop in the world in New York. This huge boutique is located on Fifth Avenue. Creative Director Frida Giannini designed a selection of exclusive products called "Gucci Loves NY" especially for this opening. These products are only available at the new Fifth Avenue location and all have a special Gucci 5th Avenue label.

Gucci articles online

  1. Since 2007, Gucci luxury items have also been available online. Robert Polet is confident that the internet will be the main source of income. This he said during an interview with Financial Times Deutschland. “The Internet is a fantastic medium to sell our products.” Not every luxury goods company thinks that way. There is a fear that online sales would damage the image of the brand. There is also a lot of counterfeit sold over the internet. So much so that there can be confusion about what is original and what is fake. In addition, a number of popular clothing brands say that you should be able to fit clothes and feel the fabrics.

The Movie

  1. Producer Ridley Scott wants to make a film about Gucci. The film will mainly focus on the murdered Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of founder Guccio Gucci. The Gucci family is not happy about this. They fear that the Guccis will be cast in a bad light. Within the family there was quite a bit of quarrels and disagreements throughout history. Patrizia Gucci, the great-granddaughter even claims that Scott wants to make a violent film. This is denied, but we won't know until the movie is actually released.


  1. Of course there is also a lot of counterfeiting. Gucci is not cheap and people still want to buy luxury items. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish real from counterfeit. China is the fastest growing market in the world. The Chinese have a clear preference for expensive brands and China's influence on the sale of the luxury items has also led to a downside: China is the largest producer of counterfeit products and close to the luxury shops, there are sellers with quality counterfeit items from the major brands.

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