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Black discharge: causes, treatment and prevention

  1. Black discharge can cause unrest. Every woman has vaginal discharge, which is completely normal and natural. Vaginal discharge is a normal cleansing process for the female body. The vaginal secretion transports blood, harmful bacteria, semen and dead cells from the body. However, there are forms of separation that are considered to be of concern. This includes dark colored or black discharge. It can occur throughout the menstrual cycle, but you usually see it around the time of your normal period. It also appears after curettage (a small gynecological procedure) or during pregnancy. For most women, the black discharge is harmless. Sometimes, however, they can hide serious illnesses, such as cervical cancer.

Black partition

  1. Black vaginal discharge may look alarming, but it is by no means always a cause for concern. You can see this color throughout your menstrual cycle, but it is most common around the time you menstruate. When blood takes longer to leave the uterus, it oxidizes. The result is that the vaginal discharge is brown to dark brown

Causes of black discharge

  1. Possible causes

Consult your GP

  1. It is highly recommended to see your doctor if black discharge persists for more than a week or gets worse after menstruation, especially if abdominal pain occurs at the same time. In case of severe pain, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor immediately. In that case, do not postpone a visit to a doctor until the next day. If the discharge smells unpleasant and / or very strong or changes its color to brownish or reddish

Examination and diagnosis

  1. Interview and physical examination


  1. Black discharge cannot always be avoided. However, talking to the doctor about the type of birth control can help. Hormonal contraception in particular often changes the color of the bleeding, which can make you uneasy. Serious illnesses can be identified and treated at an early stage through regular preventive examinations. Finally, it makes sense to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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