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Book review: Fresh start

  1. Everyone has good intentions at some point. Eat healthier, sleep better, exercise more often, live more consciously, enjoy more. January is the perfect time for many to get started with those intentions. The book 'Fresh start' by 24Kitchen can help you with this. Good news; because we may raffle five.

  1. According to 24Kitchen, a healthy lifestyle helps you to stay afloat in a world that is sometimes quite overwhelming and busy. Not being too hard on yourself is then important. Sometimes you may relapse for a moment; sinning once is allowed. But don't be too soft either. Go for it and if things go wrong just pick up the thread again.


  1. Fresh start is not a diet book; 24Kitchen wants to inspire you to continuously optimize your diet. They think that does not work well with laws and regulations, which is why the book is full of tips and facts. Not only about healthy eating, but also about exercise and feeling good. Eat slowly, laugh a lot and go outside between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. A nice practical approach and that makes it all easy to implement.

Shopping list

  1. Naturally, Frisse start - it cannot be otherwise with a book from a food channel - mainly revolves around the recipes. The book contains four clear weekly menus, each with five weekday recipes. Easy to do, not very standard and above all with good results. Surprising are, for example, the sweet and sour leeks with duck breast, au gratin kale and salmon ragout with fennel rice. They are interspersed with more common recipes such as spinach pasta with pesto sauce and a fish burger sandwich. Each weekly menu contains a vegetarian, meat and fish dish. The recipes are all ready within 30 minutes and do not contain too complicated ingredients. It is also handy that you can download a shopping list for each weekly menu on the 24Kitchen website. That way a fresh start is made very easy.

Other moments

  1. In addition to the weekday menus, Frisse start also offers great recipes for breakfast, lunch, in between meals and drinks. Variation seems to be the keyword. In often a short time and with little effort, you can serve tasty and healthy dishes. The advantage of this is that you do not have the idea that you are working extra healthy, because you are mainly eating well. Also nice is the chapter for the weekend with recipes for conscious and healthy, but extensive dining. In Frisse start you will find four three-course menus, with which you can pamper yourself and any guests.

Nice and fresh The title of the book actually says it all, but Fresh Start is really a fresh book. The photos look both healthy and delicious and certainly invite you to cook and eat. The approach is positive and light. Really a nice helping hand for your healthy intentions. With the book (and television program) FRISSE START, 24Kitchen wants to inspire you to permanently optimize your diet. Even if you live consciously, you can enjoy good food, as 24Kitchen chefs Danny Jansen and Roberta Pagnier show. Don't miss anything?

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