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Book review: Kitchen cupboard. Cooking from the pantry

  1. After a day of work you are hungry, you are tired and you really don't want to lug around the whole supermarket with a mountain of groceries. How do you prevent that? With a well-stocked pantry! The book 'Keukenkastje' contains surprising, easy to prepare recipes for which you only have to get two fresh products. Ideal for busy types who want to eat healthy and delicious.

  1. Cooking with this book is done in two simple steps. First you bring the stock in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator up to standard. According to O'Sullivan and Reynolds, you should always have thirty ingredients at home. Ten basic ingredients, such as a can of chickpeas, diced tomatoes, eggs and pasta, and twenty seasonings, including mustard, cinnamon and onions. In the book you will find the entire list. During the weekend, take an hour ahead to inventory your cupboards and replenish them where necessary. Then step two follows. You need two more fresh products for each recipe. These can be vegetables, but also fish, meat, cheese or herbs. You can visit the store every day for this, but it is also possible to plan a little more ahead and buy more fresh stuff for a few days. In any case, you don't have to drag a huge shopping bag around after work, ideal!

Clear recipes

  1. Both the book and the recipes are very clear. Each dish consists of three parts. A favorite basic ingredient, a few seasonings and the two fresh products. Each chapter in the book is themed around a basic ingredient. There is a pasta, rice and peanut butter chapter. With the recipes, a shopping cart icon indicates what you still need to buy fresh.


  1. Some dishes are on the table in 15 minutes, others require a little more preparation or waiting time, but they are all perfectly prepared by anyone. The preparation method is clear. Follow the steps and it cannot fail. A nice extra is that the authors also give tips on what to do with leftover leftovers, what to freeze and how to make your own variations. The book lends itself well to variation anyway. Once you have mastered the recipes, simply replace a basic ingredient or fresh product with something similar and you have a new tasty version on the table.

From Middle East to Italy

  1. The dishes are simple to make, but special enough when you get eaters. They are also very diverse. From the real Italian pasta carbonara to dimsums with shrimp, Mexican chicken and shakshuka, a spicy dish based on eggs and tomatoes from the Middle East. Curious? Have a look at a small preview. You will find these three recipes in Keukenkastje: Turkish pide Pasta with basil and avocado Chicken in milk with lemon and garlic Kitchen cabinet by Eve O'Sullivan and Rosie Reynolds is published by Becht publishing house. It is available for € 24.95 at, among others.

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