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Book review: Simple by Ottolenghi + WIN ACTION

  1. Does the name 'Ottolenghi' mean very high-quality, sensational dishes? That may be true, because that is also what the world famous top chef Yotam Ottolenghi is known for. With his brand new cookbook 'Simple' he tries to make his masterful dishes accessible to a wider audience. According to Ottolenghi, this cookbook ensures maximum joy even with minimal effort. That sounds promising!

  1. If you have experience with Ottolenghi's cookbooks, then you are used to something. The semi-professional home cook can indulge in this. Do you prefer to conjure up a very tasty meal on the table, which requires a little less effort? Then 'Simple' is for you, because fortunately the recipes in this book are just as clearly 'Ottolenghi' as the previous editions. But simpler. And not simply in one way, but in several ways.

Simple cooking

  1. Everyone has a different opinion about what 'simple cooking' entails: one person prefers to prepare a meal a day in advance as much as possible, while the other prepares a pan of meat whole. simmer the day. That's why Ottolenghi has made an abbreviation of the word 'simple': fast, ingredients (no more than ten), make in advance, pantry, simpler than you think, lazy. The letters of the abbreviations have colors, which you see as labels with the recipes. This way you can plan and prepare your meals with as little fuss as possible and as much fun as possible.

The dishes

  1. In the book you will find delicious recipes for brunch, raw and cooked vegetables, rice, grains and legumes, meat, fish and desserts. For example, make baked rice from the oven or salad with seaweed spaghetti. In addition, you will find clear meal suggestions for both during the week and at the weekend. And anyone for whom words like 'za'atar' and 'rose harissa' don't ring a bell should be sure to check out the pages at the back of the book. Here you will find useful information about the ingredients that Ottolenghi uses Opinions are divided on whether the dishes in the cookbook are really 'simple', but they are at least a lot easier to make than those in the earlier, typical Ottolenghi cookbooks. If you are a fan of Ottolenghi, then you should definitely add this book to your collection! A

Win 3x Simple Do you want to have a chance to win one of the three copies of the book 'Simple'? Then quickly fill in the competition form below. You can participate until January 7, 2019. This giveaway has unfortunately ended. You can no longer participate. Also read Baked rice from the oven with mint and pomegranate-olive salsa Seaweed spaghetti and sesame salad with tahini dressing Don't miss anything?

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