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Book Review: Vegan Party

  1. The holidays are almost upon us, which means that enthusiasts are already looking for the best, tastiest and most of all festive Christmas recipes. As a vegetarian or even vegan Christmas dinner seems to become more and more the norm, HealthNet took a look at the vegan cookbook Vegan Party by chef Gaz Oakly.

For all holidays

  1. In Vegan Party you will find, in addition to recipes for the holidays, all the British Christmas classics, but the vegan version. There is the typical English Christmas pudding: a kind of dense turban, stuffed with dried fruit and a good dash of rum or brandy. A real Wellington, which consists of seitan based on wheat gluten, rolled in a puff pastry crust and a fresh cranberry-orange sauce, can also be found in the book. According to writer and chef Gaz, it is not intended that anyone should feel that there is something missing in the vegetable recipes. He has therefore worked out his recipes to perfection. He even manages to make a vegan version of tiramisu, which just makes your mouth water.

Recipes with leftovers

  1. The book consists of several chapters. For example, recipes for â € breakfast baconâ € ™ and tofu benedict with hollandaise sauce can be found in the Party Breakfast chapter. Then you come to the Party snacks and light meals, the spectacular Main courses and the Extras, good looking side dishes. There is even a Leftovers section, where you can find recipes for the food left over from the Christmas dinner. Make a savory pie with the leftover â € crawl fillingâ € ™, or use the â € beefâ € ™ from the seitan beef with rosemary recipe in a stir-fry dish. Finally, there are the Desserts chapter, which includes that British Christmas pudding and the tiramisu, and the Edible Presents chapter, with sweet treats that the host or hostess can give.

Lots of ingredients

  1. The ingredients themselves are freely accessible. Except for the wheat gluten, which you need to make the meat substitute seitan, you can find almost all ingredients in the supermarket. You can buy wheat gluten in the Netherlands mainly online or at mills. What can be a disadvantage, or at least a bit of a shock, are the long ingredient lists. Now it doesn't seem like such a problem for the holidays to put a little more effort into the food, but Gaz does ask a lot from you. Fortunately, you get not only delicious, but also beautiful spectacle pieces in return.

Be inspired Curious about the festive recipes from Vegan Party? We may share three with you: Stuffed aubergine Tofu benedict Vegan tiramisu Also read Vegan tiramisu Tofu benedict Stuffed aubergine Don't miss anything?

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