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Breakfast: badly needed?

  1. You know those mornings. You turn off the alarm a few times, stay in the shower as long as possible and linger in front of your wardrobe. Then there is a chance that you will run out of time and miss breakfast. That doesn't matter, does it? Well, actually.

  1. We don't want to go as far as having breakfast like an emperor, but you do need nutrients in the morning. After a long night, your body simply needs energy to start the new day. Important for concentration at work or at school. Sounds logical, but many children leave the house without breakfast in the morning. It goes without saying that this is not beneficial to their learning performance. It is not without reason that more and more projects are started to convince children (and their parents) of the importance of a good breakfast.

Smooth bowel movements

  1. In addition to providing much-needed energy, breakfast also activates the digestion and intestines and stimulates bowel movements. In addition, breakfast is important for a healthy weight. There is a good chance that - if you don't eat anything in the morning - you will snack or snack later in the morning. Hence, all diet methods start with breakfast. Opinions differ on what that should look like. As a rule of thumb, you can maintain that breakfast is a good time to get a lot of fiber. Sandwiches, muesli, fruit: all fiber-rich products for a good start.

Try spelled

  1. We Dutch are used to eating bread. A tasty brown sandwich with cheese or bread rolls from the oven. Delicious of course, but try alternating with spelled bread. Available in health food stores and at more and more bakers. Spelled is an ancient grain, ideal for people who cannot tolerate wheat but also suitable for dieters. Spelled is one of the most protein-rich cereals. Due to the high protein content, you are saturated faster and therefore eat less. In addition, spelled has a low glycemic value. It contains slow carbohydrates so that the blood sugar level rises only to a limited extent and the nutrients are gradually absorbed by the body.

Fruit or shake? Also fine!

  1. Not every diet is based on a sandwich meal in the morning. The low-carbohydrate fellow tries to avoid this. They will be more likely to choose eggs or make an almond flour pancake. With the South Beach Diet, you only eat fruit in the morning. You can also replace breakfast with a protein shake. Athletes opt for a light meal based on complex (whole grains) and simple carbohydrates (fruit) as the basis for a morning run. All great ways to start the day.

Time saving tips

  1. But yes, breakfast takes time. And time is precious in the morning! Tip from the Netherlands Nutrition Center: prepare as many breakfast items as possible in the evening. Spread some bread before work or school and put it in the fridge. Make sure that the work or school bags are packed and ready. That saves you time in the morning. Still running out of time? Then set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier.

For the slow starters And what if you really can't get a bite down your throat in the morning? Then try to build it up slowly. So not immediately three wholemeal sandwiches, but a piece of fruit or some yogurt. Or you can take your breakfast to work and eat it an hour later. Then you better not touch those pink cakes

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