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Bubbling bowels: causes of bubbling in the bowels

  1. Bubbling intestines is a very common phenomenon. Most people have experienced a bubbling sound in their stomach, but what does it mean when you have bubbling bowels? Normally the digestive process is not silent; it produces some noise. This indicates that the intestines are active. These bowel sounds are usually quite subtle, but when the sound is excessive or loud you can perceive bubbling sounds. Bubbling bowels are usually not a symptom of an underlying condition. Borborygmi is the medical term for bubbling in the intestines.

What are bubbling bowels?

  1. The sound of bubbling bowels can last for a few seconds and may or may not return. These gut noises

Causes of intestinal bubbling

  1. If there is too much fluid in the intestine, this can lead to a bubbling sound, but also too much gas accumulated in the intestines, certain disorders, diarrhea, swallowing too much air (by drinking through a straw, for example), eating certain foods, some drugs, and even hormonal changes

External factors

  1. Food and diet Gas build-up is a normal result of the food you eat. While your digestive system does its work, it makes gas and each person makes about 20 breezes a day


  1. Diarrhea When you have diarrhea

Treatment of bubbling bowels

  1. Medicines

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