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Bun Beard: Man with a tail or bun and a beard

  1. Man with a bun or ponytail, and a beard, also called Bun Beard. You can like it or ugly, but this style of hairstyle has been around for centuries. Perhaps that is why this trend appeals to our primal feeling. Still attractive such a broad muscular man with a bunch of hair in a bun and a beard on his chin. Except for the bone in the hair, the picture is complete. There is a primeval man in front of you, a real man. The Bun Beard man.

How modern is the Bun Baard?

  1. To be honest, this look is far from modern. Even Jesus has been depicted with long hair and a beard for 2,000 years. The only thing Jesus is missing is the ponytail or bun, but otherwise Jesus had exactly the look of the Bun Beard man. In the Middle Ages, long hair was commonplace for men as well. Beards are of all times and of all cultures. Men were only freed from the unsavory facial hair with the advent of razors and razors. In fact, the Bun Baard is old-fashioned. In fashion, however, old things always return as if they were new, so the beard will disappear from the fashion scene after a while, but after that the look will also return one day.

Do you want a Bun Beard too?

  1. If you also want a Bun Beard, the shape of your face is important. A slightly longer face generally looks a lot better on the Bun Beard than if you have a round head. Life is hard, because even if you are older than forty you can better leave the Bun Beard to the youth, and you should also not be too fat. If you are fat and you take a Bun Beard, you will quickly look like a homeless person who has no money for a razor.

Nice ponytail or messy bun

  1. It's the details that matter. The best of the best. The dash of whipped cream on top of the coffee. The strawberry on the cake. It is the same with the Bun Baard. Messy clothing in combination with a tangy hair bun, a pale dessert full of acne and a beard full of cookie crumbs ... you won't get a woman or a man warm with that. But are you wearing a nice suit, and have you trimmed your beard carefully, and does your wavy hair shine like a polished chestnut? Then many a woman or man will lie at your feet if you wear the hair in a ponytail or bun, and they'll take your beard hair for granted.

Jared Leto-esque

  1. Maybe actor Jared Leto-esque has often watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, or many Roman and Greek movies and maybe he adopted the Bun Beard look from them. Because even though he set the trend, the look is not new. Men have always worn tails, braids and beards throughout the history of mankind. That has only changed since you could remove all those hairs without too much pain. But after years of bald chins and short haircuts, they apparently need some more hair. Jared Leto-esque appeared in public with a well-groomed beard and hair tied back tightly, and they liked it. Not surprising in itself if you have such beautiful eyes as Jared. But since then, this hair trend has continued, with Bun Bearded men appearing more and more in public, on the catwalk, and in fashion photos.

In combination with broad shoulders please

  1. This is a must. A small lazy man with a Bun Beard is really not done. Men with bellies don't have the desired effect either. There must be a nice muscle under the shoulders. A few tattoos can't hurt. Everything in a row for the ideal Bun Beard man:

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