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Calories in snacks / slim snacks

  1. What better to take while on a leash: a 60 gram gingerbread bar or a bag of chips? This seems obvious: a gingerbread bar, but it contains more than you might think ...

Slim snacks

  1. It is not easy to maintain a diet. You have to resist tasty cakes that are offered to you on a birthday, crunchy croissants in the supermarket and you should also avoid the shelf with that delicious chocolate with nuts for the time being. Still, there is no need to trade in cookies for carrots and apples. There are plenty of “slim” snacks that fit well within a responsible diet.

Why snacks?

  1. If you want to lose weight, it makes sense to ditch your snacks and cut down on meal portions. Still, snacks are not necessarily “bad”. They bridge the long period between meals and keep blood sugar levels stable. They provide your body with energy that you still have to function.

Sweet snacks

  1. Fresh fruit

Savory snacks

  1. A handful of Japanese mix

Snacks <100 kcal

  1. 2 biscuits Bastogne cake 2 Macaroons Rusk with low-fat margarine and toppings Crispbread with low-fat margarine and toppings Ready to bite less sugar Slice of gingerbread Egg cake 1 milk sponge cake Granola bar ½ slice of rye bread with margarine and toppings 4 salty biscuits (Tuc) Tablespoon of nuts 20 salty sticks Candyfloss Rocket ship Sinas split Chocolate lolly 3 Easter eggs Light biscuit Penny wafer Biscuit with chocolate 3 frou frou’s 1 Liga Evergreen 1 Sultana 1 piece of fruit 1 cup-a-soup Glass of juice Snack-a-jack Rice cake with toppings Speculaasje 3 café noir 1 League continuous Handful of raisins Box of Tic-Tac 1 box of smarties

Snacks 100 - 200 kcal

  1. Packet of milk sponge cake Time out Cereal biscuit Pack of Liga Evergreen Fruitkick Pack of sultana Bar of chocolate Handful of chocolate raisins Sandwich with margarine and toppings Muesli ball Currant Bun Mini currant bun 3 wholemeal biscuits Fruit yoghurt bowl Cornetto 1 ice cream cup Stick cake Stroopwafel Stroopkoek Slice Indian cake Mini magnum Bag of crisps Point of fruit flan Croissant Apple turnover 1 roll of Smarties Canoe

Snacks 200 - 300 kcal

  1. Liège waffle Pudding roll Fast Jelle gingerbread / gingerbread Croquette Frikadel Cheese soufflé Candybar 3 tablespoons of nuts Piece of cake Pink glazed cake Stuffed biscuit Magnum Sausage roll Sugar roll with food Mini scoop Tompoes

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