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Can I eat smoked fish, such as salmon, when I am pregnant?

  1. You can eat smoked fish if you are pregnant, as long as you heat it well first. For example smoked You can eat salmon, smoked trout and smoked herring fillet (bucking) if you heat it well.


  1. Because pre-packed smoked fish can be stored for a long time, the listeria bacteria can spread easily multiply in it to harmful amounts. The listeria bacteria can be dangerous to your baby. If you first heat the smoked fish well (above 70 ° C), then it will be safe. You kill the bacteria. The likelihood of the listeria bacteria in fresh smoked fish is smaller. However, as a precaution, it is also better not to eat fresh smoked fish unheated.

Anyway eaten smoked fish?

  1. Did you accidentally eat some smoked salmon or some other smoked fish unheated while you were pregnant? The chance of contamination with listeria is small. Still, it is good to watch for certain symptoms.

Eating fish during pregnancy

  1. Fish is good for your health, even when you are pregnant. Fish fatty acids are good for your heart and blood vessels. Eating fish also ensures better development of your baby's brain, nervous system and vision. Learn about the health benefits of fish when you are pregnant. Therefore we recommend eating fish once a week, preferably oily fish, such as Atlantic salmon, herring, bucking and sardines. Other types of fish that you can eat include trout, cod, fish fingers, cod, shrimp and Mussels.

Fish: heat well

  1. Always make sure that fish and crustaceans or shellfish are well done, boiled or fried to prevent food infections. This also applies to (salt) herring. Read more about eating herring when you are pregnant.

More fish advice

  1. If you are pregnant, the following advice applies: Do not eat predatory fish (swordfish, pike, zander, shark, mackerel, eel and tuna), even heated. Also, do not eat these fish from a can or smoked. They contain a relatively large amount of the heavy metal mercury. Do not eat raw fish and crustaceans and shellfish. The risk of a food infection is here taller. By raw we mean it has not been heated been. So do not eat sushi with raw fish, raw herring, raw oysters and raw mussels. If you first properly heat these fish and crustaceans and shellfish by cooking, baking or deep-frying, you can still eat them. Pickled herring from pots, or rollmops, can be used eat safely because it has been heated. All canned or potted fish has already been heated and you do not need to heat it again. Also, be careful about eating your own caught fish. The fish may contain an increased content of harmful substances such as mercury and dioxin. If you don't know whether the water is polluted or not, don't eat it.

  1. What can and cannot be eaten during pregnancy? There are other products that you should not eat or drink when you are pregnant.

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