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Caraway or Carum carvi

  1. Caraway seed is the fruit of a hardy biennial plant, which somewhat resembles carrots and is known botanically under the name Carum carvi. It is an easy plant that can grow just about anywhere. It belongs in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Caraway, Carum carvi botanical

  1. Today this plant is cultivated in many parts of the temperate climate zone, including Northern Europe, Russia and the United States, but for many years the Netherlands has been the main caraway producer in the world.

Fruits (seeds) of caraway

  1. When the oldest fruits have turned brown, one must be careful when harvesting. It is better to harvest sooner than later; otherwise the umbel could fall apart and lose the seeds.

History of caraway

  1. It is believed that caraway is the oldest weed herb cultivated and consumed in Europe. The seeds have been found in the remains of the stilt houses in the Swiss lakes - an indisputable proof of the age of this plant in Europe.

Essential oil

  1. The essential oil is recovered by steam distillation of the ripe, dried seed. It is a pale yellow-brown oil with a resinous odor. The properties of caraway are somewhat similar to fennel, anise and cumin. Caraway has a stomach-strengthening, laxative and gas-expelling effect.

Nutrients in the caraway fruit

  1. Water 9.9g; Proteins 19.8g; Total lipid (fat) 14.6g; Carbohydrates 49.9g; Fiber 38.0g; Ash content 5.9g; Minerals: Calcium, 689mg; Iron, 16.2mg; Magnesium, 258mg; Phosphorus, 568mg; Potassium, 1351mg; Sodium 17mg; Zinc, 5.5mg; Copper, 0.9mg; Manganese, 1.3mg; Selenium, 12.1mcg; Vitamins: Vitamin C, 21.0mg; Thiamine 0.4mg; Riboflavin 0.4mg; Niacin 3.6mg; Vitamin B-6 0.3mg; Folate, 10mcg total; Vitamin A, 363 IU; Vitamin A, RE 36mcg; Vitamin E (ate) 2.5mg. Phytosterols 76mg. Lpids: fatty acids, total saturated 0.62g; Total monounsaturated 7.1g; total polyunsaturated 3.3g; Amino acids. USDA Nutrient Database for Standard

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