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Cavitation treatment, fat removal without effort

  1. Cavitation treatments are becoming increasingly popular. By means of a Cavitation treatment you can lose a lot of fat, without having to make any effort yourself. Sound waves cause the fat accumulation to move, and so the fat cells can be broken down. The treatment is ideal for tackling problem areas such as; the love handles, thighs, thighs, stomach, back or arms. But how much does a Cavitation treatment actually cost? And are there any risks or disadvantages associated with it?

What is a Cavitation Treatment?

  1. A Cavitation treatment ensures that you lose a lot of fat in a short time. You do not have to exercise for months or follow a strict diet. The result of a Cavitation treatment is also compared to liposuction, but of course with the great advantage that a Cavitation treatment does not require surgical intervention. For a Cavitation treatment you can go to many beauticians and wellness centers.

How does it work?

  1. During a Cavitation treatment, sound waves are sent into the body by means of a device. These sound waves cause the fat accumulation to move. This process is called Cavitation. The walls of the fat cells are broken down by the Cavitation. This releases fat cells, which are then removed by the body and then completely broken down.

Trouble Zones

  1. Because the body cannot break down very large quantities with fat cells at the same time, this treatment can only be used on small parts of the body at the same time. This method is therefore very suitable for the so-called problem zones. The small deposits of fat on the hips (love handles), under the buttocks, thighs, stomach or back. People who suffer from cellulite will also benefit greatly from a Cavitation treatment. Several treatments are often required to get the result completely to your liking.

Is a Cavitation treatment suitable for everyone?

  1. Cavitation treatments are not suitable for everyone. Someone who is obese will not benefit from a Cavitation treatment. The amounts of fat that can be broken down with this treatment will not be noticeable to someone with obesity. Furthermore, people suffering from metabolic diseases, liver function abnormalities and diabetics should not use the Cavitation treatments.

How does the treatment work?

  1. During a cavitation treatment, contact gel is first applied to the skin. Then the handpiece of the cavitation device is placed in the places where the grease must be removed. The treatment does not hurt. At most, a somewhat tingly or warm feeling can arise. After the treatment, which takes about half an hour, a lymphatic drainage massage is given to prevent sagging of the skin.


  1. The price of a Cavitation treatment is approximately € 200, - per treatment. But often one treatment is not enough for a good result. Many clinics therefore also offer full courses. A cure usually has about six treatments. You then end up with an amount of € 1200. Furthermore, many clinics also offer a tailor-made nutritional schedule directly, to make the result even better. For this an average of 100, - is added.


  1. Although it all sounds very nice, a Cavitation treatment also has disadvantages. For example, it is not yet clear whether it can have long-term consequences for health.

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