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Celery: healthy for digestion, eyes and blood pressure

  1. Is celery healthy? Yes, celery is one of the healthiest vegetables. Celery, also known as 'celery' (botanical name: 'Apium graveolens'), is a plant of the umbelliferous family (Apiaceae). Being a plant with a high water content, celery requires a moist soil. In the Netherlands, the plant is found along the coast in wet, somewhat saline to brackish soil. Sometimes the plant is also found along ditches and puddles. Celery often refers to the tuber and celery, and celery generally refers to the celery.

Celery if you want to lose weight

  1. Low in calories Celery is a good choice if you are watching your weight. A large stalk of celery


  1. The ingredients in celery are very effective against inflammation. The compounds polyacetylene and luteolin present in celery are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. If you suffer from gout, bronchitis, asthma or rheumatoid arthritis

Celery is healthy and good for digestion

  1. Celery is very good for your digestive system. The high water content of celery, combined with the insoluble fiber in it, contributes to an easy and smooth intestinal passage. Please note celery is known for its diuretic activities and cleansing properties and therefore people who suffer from diarrhea should

Cleaning properties

  1. The cleansing properties of celery make this vegetable very suitable for treating kidney stones and gallstones and including them in your diet for liver diseases


  1. Celery reduces 'bad' cholesterol

Celery lowers blood pressure

  1. It lowers blood pressure. An active compound called phthalides in celery helps relax the muscles around the heart and stimulates circulation. Raw celery lowers high blood pressure


  1. Celery may contribute to some extent in the fight against some cancers. A powerful flavonoid in celery called luteolin inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the pancreas (pancreatic cancer). It has also been shown that apigenin, a substance in celery, is effective in breast cancer associated with progestogen. Progestogen contributes to an increased risk of breast cancer.

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