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Chalazion: Innocent hard bump in the eyelid margin

  1. A chalazion is a small lump or bump in the eyelid margin caused by a blockage of a small sebaceous gland. This benign eyelid condition looks strange, but the oil and pus in the bump disappear spontaneously after a few weeks in most cases. In any case, removing the bump yourself is not a good idea, but heat treatment and good eyelid hygiene in combination with medication and / or surgery are possible treatment methods.

Epidemiology bump on one of the eyelids

  1. A chalazion occurs at any age, although patients between the ages of thirty and fifty are affected more often, probably due to hormonal changes

Risk factors for eyelid disease

  1. Poor eyelid hygiene by touching the eyes a lot with dirty hands and having already had chalazia (plural of chalazion) increase the chance of developing a chalazion. In addition, the eyelid disease is more common in patients with rosacea. This is a skin condition in which the patient has a flushed face and further swollen bumps under the skin. The skin condition also affects the eyes and this is called ocular rosacea. Also in patients with (chronic) blepharitis (an inflammation)

Causes: First sty, then chalazion

  1. Often a hordeolum, a so-called “stye”, develops in the eye first. The eyelid feels tender, swollen and warm and it also looks red. When this causes the drainage passages in one of the meibomian glands to become blocked, a chalazion is formed. These glands are located in the eyelid, directly behind the eyelashes

Symptoms: Hard and harmless lump in the eyelid margin

  1. In a chalazion, the patient has a firm lump in the eyelid margin the size of a pea. This is usually white bump on the eyelid that develops on the lower or upper eyelid. In most cases a chalazion is not painful, but it is sensitive. Sometimes the patient gets watery eyes. Furthermore, he sometimes has a reduced visual acuity when a chalazion is large and threatens vision. This is because the bump puts pressure on the cornea, causing astigmatism, a corneal disease. Photophobia, the medical term for “hypersensitivity to light”, is also possible. Finally, the patient presents with swollen eyelids and red eyelids

Diagnosis and investigations

  1. Ophthalmic examination The ophthalmologist examines the structure of the eyelids, the skin texture of the eyelids, the base of the eyelashes, and the sebaceous gland openings using light magnification in an eye exam

Treatment of eyelid margin inflammation

  1. Self-care

Prevention: Early detection and treatment

  1. Daily cleaning of the eyelid margin prevents chalazion or sty. For this, the patient uses special eye cleaning products or diluted baby shampoo. Preventive antibiotic ointment or oral medication (medication that the patient takes by mouth) are also very useful preventively.

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