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Cheating Processing

  1. Will the unfaithful partner continue their relationship with the lover or mistress after discovering marital cheating? Does the unfaithful partner stop the extramarital affair immediately? Does the unfaithful partner develop a friendship with the now ex lover or mistress? How does the faithful steady partner deal with betrayal and adultery? How to deal with the mistrust, resentment and grief? Can Marriage Counseling or Relationship Therapy Help?

What happens to the extramarital affair after the discovery of cheating?

  1. The unfaithful partner has a hard time when infidelity becomes known. Overwhelmed with emotions, the marriage or steady relationship partners end up in a major crisis after the discovery of cheating. In principle, the unfaithful partner can continue with the affair indefinitely, but in general, after the discovery of the cheating, the unfaithful partner will:

Questions and reproaches

  1. During the first phase, after the discovery of cheating, the staunch faithful partner comes up with many questions and reproaches, like:

Enduring resentment and distrust

  1. Because of cheating, the basic trust between the partners is broken. It takes a long time for the injured loyal partner to ever trust the unfaithful partner again! Sometimes they manage to forgive the unfaithful partner, but they will never forget!

Unrealistic expectations

  1. Despite the fact that both partners are in an emotional crisis, they both have very unrealistic expectations of each other:

Average duration of cheating processing

  1. The married couples, spouses or couples can consider relationship counseling to deal with the cheating. On average, under supervision, it takes about 2 years before cheating is a bit processed. These are mean: it can take years for marriage partners to get over the worst shock!

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