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Cucumber: health benefits of nutrients cucumbers

  1. Cucumber is an annual plant from the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae) and one of the most popular vegetables in the Netherlands. The fruit grows in Dutch greenhouses, especially in the Westland, but also comes from Southern European countries, such as Spain and Portugal. Cucumber is available all year round in the Netherlands. Cucumbers consist of 95 percent water. Due to the high water content, the cucumber is an important liquid source for the human body and a healthy snack at the same time. 100 grams of cucumber contains only 12 calories. But the high water content does not rule out a high nutrient content. Contrary to popular belief, cucumbers provide you with important minerals and have a positive effect on your health.

What is a cucumber?

  1. The cucumber is an annual plant of the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae). Cucumber is a fruit vegetable and the fruit of the same name is a very popular vegetable in the Netherlands. The cucumber is closely related to the pumpkin

Sowing and harvesting

  1. Sowing cucumbers

Rich in valuable nutrients

  1. Minerals and vitamins In addition to the high water content, the cucumber consists of 3.5 percent carbohydrates and very small amounts of proteins and fats. In particular vitamins from the B group are represented in the cucumber, but it also contains vitamin C and vitamin E

Health Benefits of Cucumbers

  1. Cucumbers may help to break down acids in the body and thus keep the body's acid-base balance in balance. According to naturopaths, a healthy acid-base balance can ensure that we are protected against rheumatism and gout

Cucumber Salad Recipe

  1. A recipe for a delicious and easy cucumber salad. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and put them in a bowl. Then stir in a dressing of yogurt, vinegar, oil and a squeeze of lemon juice and season with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Put a finely chopped bunch of dill

Cucumbers refresh the skin

  1. Cucumber Mask

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