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Cure fungal and fungal nails

  1. The problem with fungal nails is that the fungus is located at the bottom of the nail and is therefore difficult to reach if you treat them externally. Lime nails are very stubborn and it can sometimes take up to a year to get rid of them completely. The more methods you combine, the faster and better the results will be.

Lime nail or not?

  1. A lime or fungal nail is often characterized by white or yellow spots on the nail that can turn brown and crumbly at a later stage. Sometimes stripes, welts and ridges appear on the nail. The nail can also become loose. An ugly toenail is almost always the result of a fungal infection.


  1. Medicines against fungal infections are bad for your health (they affect the liver and remove some of the good bacteria), but they are the best and fastest way to cure a fungal nail. If you think you have problems with a fungal nail, visit your doctor. He will then take a piece of your nail and have it examined in the laboratory. He will then prescribe a medicine for you to take by mouth.

Avoid soap

  1. Ordinary soap is fungal and should be avoided at all times. Use Betadine to wash your feet (available from pharmacies) and do not forget to dry your feet thoroughly after washing.


  1. Milling is the thinning and smoothing of the nail. You can have this done at the pedicure, but you can also get started at home. You will find the necessary device in almost every pedicure set and after a minute your nail will look a lot smoother and healthier. If the fungus is very superficial and the nail is mainly characterized by streaks and ridges, milling is often enough to get a smooth and healthy nail again.

Foot baths with apple cider vinegar

  1. Apple cider vinegar works wonders for ugly nails. You can take a foot bath with apple cider vinegar daily or rub the nail with apple cider vinegar two or three times a day.

Disinfect shoes and socks

  1. It is advisable to treat all shoes regularly with a tea tree spray or an anti-fungal spray. Change your socks daily and wash your socks and stockings at minimum 60 °. Avoid plastic shoes and stockings.

Nail Care

  1. There are different types of tinctures on the market to cure fungal nails. Keep in mind that fungal nails can be very stubborn and that an external treatment sometimes takes between 6 months and a year to fully work. If no improvement has occurred after 6 months, you are obliged to switch to medication to remove the fungus.

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