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Dangers of linseed explained (video)

  1. First of all, the advantages: good source of unsaturated fiber and omega 3 fats. Promotes bowel movements because moisture is absorbed with a faster bowel function as a result.

  1. There are reports according to webmd that it lowers cholesterol. Also useful in type 2 diabetes. However, no conclusive studies are available to support the claims.

  1. Taking too much linseed is certainly not wise because of possible blockages. Therefore always take linseed with plenty of water. In addition, it is better to take unbroken linseed. There are indications that this form is toxic if ingested too high. Also large quantities, which also applies to all seeds. In addition, it can act as an anti-nutrient, hindering the absorption of other nutrients. Finally, flaxseed is not recommended during pregnancy / lactation.

  1. For more information about bowel problems, read the following article:

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