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Divorce, what awaits you really?

  1. The nagging question: "Stay? Separate? Or divorce?" is wanting to know which is better: To stay or to leave? If you decide to get divorced, what are your options outside of your relationship or marriage? Do you have a realistic idea of ​​what life is like without your partner? Have the practical matters been arranged? What could you possibly expect if you were divorced? Heaven on Earth, paradise? Or great loneliness where you miss the children and your ex-partner?

Divorce and separation, arranging practical matters

  1. Most relational doubters (Staying? Break up? Or get a divorce?) Have thought carefully about all the practicalities that need to be taken care of if they leave their partner, end their relationship or want to divorce .

Divorce, the harsh reality!

  1. You would prefer to get a divorce, simply because you hope that after hell you will finally end up in a heaven of peace. Is Divorce Really Heaven? Or can divorce be a lot less rosy than you thought? Take a good look at the bigger picture and ask people and friends who have been through a divorce for information and their experiences! Their tips and stories can open your eyes, but also make you realize that getting a divorce does not necessarily have to be "heaven on earth"!

Separating and leaving is in reality ...

  1. Have you looked closely at the personal, your own personal, possibilities outside your relationship or marriage? Are you actively trying to find out what leaving really means?

Reality and a dream cannot be compared

  1. Dreaming of your freedom, dreaming of leaving your partner, dreaming of ending your relationship, dreaming about doing whatever you want! Dreams about young girls, dreams about handsome men, dreams about a fantastic life, dreams about many social fun outings, dreams about exciting days full ...

Would you stay if you knew the reality of divorce?

  1. Many, but not all, who are divorced must admit that they represented the divorce quite differently. In reality, their dream about freedom turned out to be terribly disappointing! Even though your relationship with your partner is anything but perfect, often the terrible realization that it might have been better to stay, to try to settle down with the existing situation, and whether there wasn't a way for the problems to come in. the relationship or marriage could not be resolved.

Realistic picture

  1. Hence the advice to anyone with serious divorce plans: look at the upcoming divorce with a very realistic picture and ask yourself again: is your relationship or marriage too good to leave?]

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