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Does grapes make you fat?

  1. Many people think that grapes are packed with sugar. And that you better leave these fruits on the fruit bowl if you want to lose weight. Is that right? Or are grapes quite healthy after all?

  1. The grape is a so-called berry fruit that belongs to the vine family. It is becoming increasingly popular, in the Netherlands it is now number 6 of the most eaten fruit types. Most grapes come by ship from warm regions, such as South America, South Africa and the countries around the Mediterranean. In addition, grapes are grown in greenhouses on a small scale in the Netherlands.


  1. The grape owes its less healthy image to the sugars it contains. Fruit sugars naturally occur in all types of fruit. It makes no difference to your body what type of sugar you eat. It processes sugar from fruit, a sugar cube, soft drink or candy into fuel in the same way. In addition, all types of sugar contain about the same amount of calories. The sugar content of grapes is somewhat higher than that of some other fruits. As a result, if you eat a bunch of grapes you get more calories than if you choose a mandarin, grapefruit, strawberry or kiwi. Compared to avocado, banana or mango, a portion of grapes provides fewer calories. Does this mean that grapes make you fat? If you would eat way too many, you would, but that applies to all foods. Everything in moderation! A serving of grapes or other fruit contains far fewer calories and a lot more healthy nutrients than candy, cookies and other snacks. It's a healthy snack that really won't make you gain weight.

Lots of fiber

  1. Grapes are not a good source of vitamin C, but they are very rich in potassium. This mineral plays an important role in balancing blood pressure. Compared to the other popular types of fruit in the Netherlands, grapes contain the most dietary fiber. These ensure a satiated feeling and smooth bowel movements. The Nutrition Center advises to eat 200 grams of fruit every day and to alternate between the different types of fruit. No fruit provides everything you need, but if you vary, you'll get all the nutrients you need.

Buy and store

  1. Do not buy grapes with brown spots or brown twigs, because they are a long way off. It is also better to leave grapes with mold. Look for grapes that look and smell fresh. Then keep them in the fridge and they will last up to a week. A bunch of grapes can survive the fruit bowl, but only a few days. You can also freeze grapes and eat them frozen or thawed.


  1. Wash the grapes before use and remove the stems. The sweet fruits are a healthy snack from hand, but also taste good in salads, for example. If you have a grape plant in your garden, you may suddenly have bunches full of ripe grapes. Make jam or juice: you need a lot of grapes for that. Kiwi grape smoothie Salad with grapes and cheese Chicory salad with cranberries and grapes Date grape salad Lemon ice cream with cinnamon grapes

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