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Erotic food and drink

  1. Much has been written about drinks and foods that are said to promote lust. But does it really work?

The History of Aphrodisiacs

  1. The origin of the aphrodisiacs (Greek goddess aphrodite, goddess of fertility, love and beauty) in ancient times had the main purpose of increasing the male capacity for erection or ejaculation. Over the centuries, various remedies have emerged that are said to induce sex drive and increase performance. All these herbal blends are called aphrodisiacs. Still, there has never been any real proof of the effectiveness of these remedies. They mainly had a great psychological influence on the sex drive. It is therefore mainly about exclusive and very expensive exotic ingredients such as oysters, champagne, strawberries,…. Another example from antiquity: sesame grains soaked in milk in which goat testicles were boiled can enable a man to satisfy a hundred women. Can you fool anyone else?

Types of aphrodisiacs in the kitchen

  1. Erotic herbs Exotic Spices: Cloves, Cinnamon, Saffron, Pepper, Ginger Country-specific: herb bouquets composed of lavender (appraised), mint (message for love and friendship), marjoram, savory (Satyrus / Satar = the god of love), thyme (strengthens and calms), caraway (= Carum Carvi; would promote the marriage rope) Nettle: stimulates the sexual drive in older men. The seeds were sometimes used in love potions. The young tops can be used in salads, soup and are a good substitute for spinach because of its nutritiousness. Vanilla is also sometimes used in the kitchen because of its fragrant character. Vanilla originates from an unripe fruit of an orchid (Vainilla). This one is a diminutive of vagina.

Erotic fruits and vegetables

  1. Asparagus: because of their shape Leeks: stimulating effect, the shape Celery: Similarities to the male sex organ. It can be found in almost all cultures and has been used since ancient times. Peach, strawberry and avocado: because of the shape


  1. Oysters and mussels: because of the similarities with the male and female sex organs. Lobster, caviar, truffles, mushrooms (morels and shiitake) because of their exclusivity and expensive taste. Pigeon or pheasant, because of their love behavior


  1. Medicines can also have a stimulating effect:


  1. Champagne and other various expensive drinks. These have a stimulating effect due to the alcohol content. Be careful and glass too much out, has the opposite effect. Cocktails are very popular with women. Ideal examples that make the fantasy run wild: "multiple orgasm" and "screaming orgasm". Recipe: 22ml Bailey's Irish Cream, 22ml Cointreau, 30ml fresh cream or milk (multiple orgasm only), 15ml Galliano (multiple orgasm + Gallliano = screaming orgasm). Then garnish with cherries or strawberries. Chocolate of course for the women. Pheromones: these are scientifically known to have a special attraction to the opposite sex Many products are also sold in sex shops, which are said to have a stimulating effect. These contain relatively harmless substances such as guarana, caffeine, ginseng, green tea, vitamin E, ginger, cloves or cinnamon. Slightly less harmless remedies are: Spanish Fly (from dried insects), Euphorbium and strychnine that can cause irritations. Uprima: is a new erection pill that works through the brain (hypothalamus). Viagra (Pfizer): The substance that causes erection is sildenafil citrate. Helps dilate blood vessels and should not be taken by people with heart problems. Stacks: this is a combination of Viagra with XTC that arouse strong feelings of lust. Be careful with this.


  1. Aphrodisiacs only exist in the minds of the people. They hope to achieve success with the opposite sex and thus guarantee the position in the community. Of course, we have now learned that it takes more than an aphrodisiacs to conquer a person of the opposite sex. Infatuation, arousal and cum are influenced by numerous biochemical reactions and of course psychology plays an important role here too. It is therefore mainly about the quality and not the quantity.

  2. Aphrodisiacs only exist in the minds of the people. They hope to achieve success with the other ges

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