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False pregnancy

  1. Being nauseous, having a thicker stomach, needing to urinate often, and being 'overdue'. These are all symptoms of pregnancy, but are you really pregnant? After a few pregnancy tests, it turns out that you are not really pregnant, but a false pregnancy. What exactly is a false pregnancy and how is it possible that you still feel pregnant?

What is a false pregnancy?

  1. False pregnancy means that a woman feels pregnant and has all the symptoms, but is not actually pregnant. Another word for false pregnancy is pseudokyesis.

Which symptoms are consistent with a false pregnancy?

  1. The symptoms of a false pregnancy are similar to a real pregnancy. The woman is “overdue” and can suffer from:

What are the causes of a false pregnancy?

  1. The most common reason for a false pregnancy is that the woman is too busy getting pregnant. Because you yourself start / want to believe that you are pregnant, your body will also believe this and that is why you start to suffer from the symptoms.

Animals and false pregnancy

  1. Animal species can also be false pregnant. It is also common in dogs, cats and rabbits. They make litters and also develop pregnancy symptoms such as milk production and a thicker stomach.

Men and false pregnancy

  1. It probably sounds strange, but men can also suffer from a false pregnancy! Scientists at the University of London found that some men can also have a false pregnancy when their wife is pregnant. They then have the same symptoms as their wife.

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