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Fasting on vegetable and fruit juices

  1. A juice-based diet would be very beneficial for the body and make you lose pounds. Whether this is true and whether it is healthy has not yet been proven.

Fasting with fruit and vegetable juice

  1. Fasting based on fruit and vegetable juices is a kind of detox diet where only fruit and vegetable juice is consumed. This type of food is quickly digested because the juice digestion process requires little energy from the body. There are several reasons why people choose to follow this type of diet. There are also different ways in which you can follow such a diet. For example, many supplements are marketed to supplement the diet.

The reasons

  1. Reasons to follow this fast diet are, for example, of a spiritual or religious nature. The diet is also used for weight loss or in an attempt to kick bad habits such as smoking, drinking a lot of sugary drinks, overeating, caffeine addiction, etc. Other reasons may be medical. For example, some people use the diet as an alternative medicine for pain, cancer, depression, arthritis, infections that cannot be treated with antibiotics, autoimmune diseases and many other incurable conditions.


  1. Some people follow the diet about twice a year for about a week or a little longer. Thus they purify their body at the same time as nature's annual cycles. This six-monthly fast can also be supplemented with monthly fasting periods that are shorter and last about 2 to 3 days. For example, some fasting periods may include a weeklong trip to a spa. Thailand, for example, is a very popular destination for fasters.

Types of juices

  1. Some fruits that are used in juice-based fasting are:

Possible side effects

  1. Fasting people must ensure that they maintain their intake of vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, there are no specific side effects that can only be associated with juice-based fasting. Still, there are some medical conditions such as diabetes that can be made worse by the overuse of certain juices. Juices containing grapefruit can also be counterproductive when mixed with medicines. Also, the juices of fruits that have a high acid content, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, can disturb the natural acid-base content of the body. Some individuals should be cautious about these types of diets and should consult a doctor before starting to fast. This may include children, malnourished / underweight people, pregnant or breastfeeding women, cancer patients, individuals with poor immune systems, individuals who have recently undergone surgery, people who suffer from stomach ulcers, low blood pressure and fatigue.


  1. Some scientists, dietitians and doctors find juice-based fasting or other detoxification diets not very effective and even less effective than drinking a glass of water. It is generally harmless but a waste of money according to them. Dr. Catherine Collins, Chief Dietitian at St. George's Hospital Medical School in London, England, argues that “The concept of detoxification (detox) is more of a marketing myth than a physiological entity. The idea that an avalanche of vitamins, minerals and laxatives, taken over a period of 2 to 7 days, would have a long-lasting beneficial effect on the body is also a marketing myth. ”Fasting advocates believe that you use less energy while fasting when digesting food, so that there is more energy for the body to expel toxins (Toxins) .Toxins are said to be present in many glands and organs of the human body and different types of juice-based fasting then target also on different parts of the body. For example, a large proportion of fasting people believe that by abstaining from solid foods, you give your body a chance to recover and heal from damage and fatigue caused by the stress of digestion. Drinking only water, according to them, the body burns stored sugars or glycogen so that less insulin is needed to help the body with the food eating. This also gives the pancreas a little rest. Spa-recommended juice diets can help you lose weight but not calm your digestive system. Other people choose to fast because they want to purify some part of the body such as: the liver, kidneys, urethra, skin, gallbladder, brain, immune system, etc. However, there is no scientific evidence behind these claims. .

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