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Fear of labor: tips for dealing with fear of childbirth

  1. Pregnancy requires childbirth, but what if you fear this so much that it can be qualified as a phobia? Every year, thousands of women hate labor anxiety and for some it can put aside the desire to have children itself. If someone with fear of labor does become pregnant, the stress can put a heavy burden on the pregnancy. Training based on Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting or HypnoBirthing can offer a solution for those who want to confront her fear.

Dealing with childbirth

  1. Afraid to give birth Stress is bad Treating fear of labor with mindfulness POWER HypnoBirthing

Afraid to give birth

  1. Even though it is the culmination of a pregnancy and you can almost hug the baby you carried in your stomach for nine months, childbirth is generally not something that women go to. looking out. Certainly anyone who has experienced a difficult delivery can get sleepless nights. In some women this even goes a step further and there is a real fear of labor. Research shows that 20% of women have a certain fear of giving birth and in 6% this is even a real phobia about giving birth

Treating fear of labor with mindfulness

  1. Any phobia can be treated with therapy. One of the methods that can provide a solution is mindfulness. There is also a branch that is specifically aimed at preparing for childbirth and motherhood: Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting


  1. Lilian Wirken is a very experienced midwife and has built up the necessary expertise in guiding anxious pregnant women. Wirken - also a certified MBCP instructor - wrote the book 'When giving birth is exciting, with confidence in expectation'. The tools provided in that book focus on STRENGTH, which stands for: C walities - R eange - C ontrol - H ou vol - T


  1. Another method for dealing with labor anxiety is HypnoBirthing. During a HypnoBirthing course you learn to relax optimally and let your body do the work. As long as there are no complications, childbirth does not have to be accompanied by excruciating pain, as long as you are in good mental balance. You can achieve this by doing breathing exercises that promote the production of endorphins. This functions as a natural pain reliever, temporarily increasing your pain threshold without the need for medication.

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