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Fibroids can cause miscarriage

  1. Every pregnant woman wants the child to be born healthy and well. In 15% of all pregnancies, it ends with a miscarriage. In some of those miscarriages it is caused by the influence of a uterine wall deformity called the myoma. Temporary intake of progestins can reduce the condition. What are fibroids and how do pregnancy hormones greatly affect it?

Miscarriage due to fibroids

  1. What is the condition? What are the symptoms in fibroids? Influence of pregnancy hormones Overgrowth How common is miscarriage? Myoma past, what to do?

What is the condition?

  1. From the moment the woman becomes fertile

What are the symptoms in fibroids?

  1. Both during pregnancy, but also before the condition can occur. The growth in the uterus can occur during menstruation

Effect of pregnancy hormones

  1. If the woman has uterine fibroids, it is possible during pregnancy


  1. The fibroids are stimulated by the aforementioned hormones, so that they also grow fast. In most women, the influence will be limited, but overgrowth may apply. In that case, it can grow into a predominant presence, causing the uterus to function properly

Myoma history, what to do?

  1. If you, as a woman, also suffer from blood loss around menstruation and you want to become pregnant, it is wise to consult your doctor. It may be wise to first reduce the influence of fibroids with medication

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