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First aid for calluses

  1. Calluses are a well-known problem with feet. Most people suffer from calluses. A little callus certainly won't hurt, because calluses protect the foot. Too much callus is not beautiful. In the summer people often walk barefoot and most people want to have beautiful feet. What can you do about calluses?

What is callus?

  1. Calluses are local thickening of the epidermis, which occurs in areas where the skin is exposed to friction and / or pressure. Callus is a protective layer and a little callus is good for your feet. Calluses usually form on the bottom of the foot. It can also develop on the hands or fingers. This usually happens to people who work a lot with their hands.

What can you do about calluses?

  1. You can use a callus traps. With this you can easily remove the calluses from your hands or feet. You have to be careful not to take too much away because then it can become painful. You can also choose to go to the pedicure. Then it is taken away in a professional way by people who have learned for it. There are also some handy products available against calluses. You can buy these at the drugstore.


  1. A pumice stone is a well-known remedy for calluses. A pumice stone is not expensive and you can use it every day. The most convenient is to use it in the shower. The water softens the skin and makes it easier to remove the calluses. You just need to make some circular movements over the thickened areas and you will soon notice that your feet are softer.


  1. There are also calluses. These also work very well, even with stubborn calluses. The calluses contain a layer of salicylic acid. This ensures that the top layer of skin is loosened. The most convenient is to cut the patch to size so that good skin is preserved. You then stick the plaster on the callus and let it sit for two days. After two days you replace the patch with a new one and leave it on for another two days. After four days you will see that the calluses come off, you will not feel any of this. You can now pull off the calluses. These patches work very well on stubborn calluses and are definitely worth a try.

Hard Skin Smoothing Cream from Scholl

  1. If you don't have a lot of callus, but you want nice soft feet, this product from Scholl is probably suitable. This cream also contains the salicylic acid and also lactic acid. This ensures that the dead skin cells loosen and that the hard skin disappears. This cream is not aimed at moisturizing the skin, so keep that in mind. This product works purely against the hard spots on the skin. This product works best in combination with the pumice stone.

Rituals Lao Tze Cooling Foot Balm

  1. The Rituals brand also has a very good product for beautiful, soft feet. This foot cream is very caring and moisturizes and cools the skin. It is a delicious product which also smells good. You will notice after the first use that your feet feel healthy and soft.

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