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Floradix: sufficient iron during and after pregnancy

  1. Healthy nutrition is of great importance during and after pregnancy. The intake of sufficient vitamins and iron is important for a good resistance and a stable Hb value in the blood. Especially after a delivery with a lot of blood loss, the hb value can have fallen considerably. Often iron pills are prescribed, but Floradix also provides excellent for the iron requirement and also contains extra vitamins to recover quickly.


  1. Floradix is ​​available in liquid form and tablets. It replenishes the iron supply quickly because it contains ferrous gluconate, an easily absorbable form of iron. Because it also contains vitamins, herbs, fruits and vegetables, it supports iron absorption and increases resistance.


  1. Floradix contains carrot, nettle, spinach, cultivated root, angelica root, fennel, brown algae, hibiscus, pears, grapes, black currants, orange zest and juice, blackberries, cherries and beets and the following vitamins :

Operating Instructions

  1. 2 x 10 ml or 1 x 20 ml per day. The cap is a handy measuring cup with the elixir. Take half an hour before a meal. Do not take with coffee, milk products or black tea, as the body absorbs less iron. By preference, take with a glass of fruit juice, this promotes the absorption of iron. The elixir can be kept for 3 to 4 weeks, the tablets 5 - 6 weeks. Keep the elixir in the refrigerator.

During pregnancy

  1. Normally, women need 15 mg of iron per day. During pregnancy this increases to 20 mg per day. Iron is vital. The body does not make the mineral itself, we have to ensure that we get enough through our food. During pregnancy, iron is important for the oxygen transport between mother and fetus. It turns out that it is difficult to get enough iron from the normal diet during pregnancy.

After pregnancy

  1. During childbirth it is possible that you will lose a lot of blood and your hb value has suddenly decreased sharply. Steel pills are often prescribed to increase the iron value when the hb value is too low. Taking Floradix is ​​a good alternative and accepted by most GPs and midwives. Always consult an expert first. The advantage of Floradix is ​​that it also contains vitamins that support your resistance and the absorption of iron. Steel pills often have constipation as a side effect, but Floradix actually stimulates the intestinal function.

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