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Food for a good bowel movement: fruits, vegetables and beans

  1. Food for a good bowel movement or food for good defecation contains a lot of fiber that stimulates the intestines to work properly. There are different types of fiber. The Netherlands Nutrition Center advises to eat about 30 to 40 grams of fiber a day. Fiber is mainly present in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes (beans, peas, lentils, sprouts and peanuts). Legumes are actually seeds or the seeds with their shells.

Nutrition for a good bowel movement

  1. Digestion Complicated process Stomach and intestines Healthy bowel movements Normal bowel movements Fibers act like a sponge Good bowel movements with fruits and vegetables Good bowel movements with whole grains and beans Beans Whole grains Other advice for a good bowel movement


  1. Complicated process Digestion is a complicated process that starts in the mouth as soon as you take a bite or as soon as you smell good food: "The water is in my mouth." There are salivary glands in the oral cavity and they make saliva

Healthy bowel movements

  1. Normal relief pattern A normal bowel pattern varies from three times a day to three times a week. If you have to defecate less than three times a week, you have constipation or constipation. Irregular, hard, dry stools usually arise because stools remain in the colon for too long, allowing more time to draw water from the stool. If you suffer from dry and hard stools, you can often only work them out with hard pressing. This can lead to all kinds of complaints such as chapping, hemorrhoids

Good bowel movements with fruits and vegetables

  1. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, which are full of soluble fiber. Broccoli is the most fiber-rich vegetable, followed by green beans, carrots and red cabbage. Canned vegetables are no less high in fiber than fresh vegetables. Among the fruits, the hand orange comes first, followed by the mango and pear

Good bowel movements with whole grains and beans

  1. Beans Beans contain more than 10 grams of fiber per cup, which is more than almost any other source of fiber. Beans contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, which stimulates bowel movement and reduces stool retention in the colon. There are more than 1,000 types of beans, for example white beans, kidney beans, capuchins, chickpeas, lentils

Other advice for a good bowel movement

  1. Increase your fiber intake gradually and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to avoid potential fiber side effects such as gas and bloating. The more fiber you use, the more fluids you should drink. Immediately respond to the urge to go to the toilet. The longer you wait, the more water your colon absorbs and the harder and drier your stool will become. Pooping should be easy and hassle-free.

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