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Getting stronger after flu or illness: tips for your diet

  1. It is very important to get back to normal after a flu, an operation or an illness. But if you have only just recovered, rehabilitation is often slow. This is because the body has to recover from the illness, the pain, the drugs and possibly weight loss. Strengthening through a healthy diet and possibly nutritional supplements with multivitamins can help, and they are also effective to increase your resistance. A particularly effective energy drink to ensure a quick recovery is Nutridrink. With the help of these remedies you give your body an extra boost to achieve a better physical condition. The interesting thing about recuperating is that you will feel better and better once you are on the right track. How can you get stronger after an illness and what are the physical and mental benefits?

Getting stronger after flu or illness

  1. Rehabilitation after a serious illness or flu can sometimes be very frustrating. For example, you have been cured of a chronic illness

Strengthen with nutrition

  1. A long-term illness, and treating it with heavy drugs can really put your body to the test. Your body must first be able to tolerate the medication, and then use it against the disease. In addition, the substances of the drug must also be broken down by the liver and kidneys. Often a disease also causes weight loss

Physical and Mental Benefits

  1. Gaining strength is very important to your body because it brings physical and mental benefits that interact with each other. If you also start to feel a little better physically, you will also become mentally stronger. In addition, your concentration will gradually improve and you will slowly gain weight again

Types of food

  1. To gain strength, it is useful to include as many different foods as possible in your meals. Calories are vital for functioning: they provide energy. Furthermore, a diet must contain sufficient carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fiber to get stronger. To underweight

Feeding Tips

  1. Take a few teaspoons of honey every morning to start the day with energy eat whole milk products: these contain more calories and protein have a hot meal twice a day eat soup with many different vegetables and herbs add a few spoonfuls of cream to your soup eat fatty fish such as herring eat steak and fatty meats such as bacon or lamb use plenty of sauces and gravies with meals, preferably a cream sauce if your appetite is large enough, always have a starter and a main course eat dishes with garlic: garlic is indispensable to strengthen the immune system again as a snack eat a biscuit with toppings such as salmon salad or a slice of cheese eat pretzels, chips and peanuts: these are high in calories and salt (salt keeps moisture in the body) always round off your meal with a dessert such as fruit salad with whipped cream, chocolate mousse or pudding

Strengthening: remedies

  1. Nutridrink

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