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Gift ideas for your maternity assistant

  1. Have you been so lucky with your maternity assistant? Well cared for and pampered? Does she fit well into your family and does it click between her, you, your husband and your children? Then she must have deserved a nice treat! But what is the best gift to give her?

Gift or not?

  1. However, is it necessary to give a parting gift to your maternity nurse? No, it is not necessary or necessary. After all, she just does her job and is paid for the services provided. But if you feel that there was an extra click and that you just want to give her a nice thank you for her help in your first maternity week, then it's good to follow your feelings and give her that nice little something. This is a token of appreciation for all the care and effort she has done for you and your family. And don't forget, she will handle and help you with your most precious possession in the first week of his or her existence. In a week full of all kinds of new impressions and especially getting used to the baby. Especially if the baby is your first, but also if you already have one or more children. Your family will also have to get used to the new rhythm and above all to the shared attention. The maternity nurse can help you with this, for example by giving extra attention to your older child or children. Of course, every maternity aid is different and they each do their job in their own way, which can cause enormous differences in how you experience your maternity week. Whether or not to give a parting gift to your maternity nurse depends on your own experience. Everyone is free to give or not to give a parting gift. If you decide to give a gift, but you don't know what? Then read on for various gift ideas.

Gift ideas for your maternity assistant

  1. It is sometimes difficult to come up with a suitable parting gift for your maternity nurse and therefore people often fall back on the obvious gifts, such as a bunch of flowers, chocolates or a gift voucher. This is of course not at all wrong. There is no right or wrong in giving a gift as it is a personal matter and a personal token of appreciation. It is not compulsory and there is no set standard. So if you are not that creative, a bunch of flowers is certainly a nice gesture.

To help you, you will find an overview of possible gifts below:

  1. Bunch of flowers indoor or outdoor plant, as this usually lasts longer than a bunch of flowers gift voucher for example from the Hema, drugstore or Bruna or for a magazine subscription, dinner or outing. money amount Chocolates shower set with shampoo, shower cream, bath sponge and deodorant perfume wine or other drinks tea or coffee package, with various types of tea or senseo coffee, supplemented with tea biscuits or coffee sips. magazine pack

Personal gift ideas

  1. How much more fun is it to personalize your farewell present? This can be done, for example, by adding a birth announcement to one of the above gifts, but also a photo of the baby or the family is sometimes included. A card with a personal thank you note is of course also very nice. A shower set, fragrance or magazine package becomes even more fun if it perfectly matches your maternity aid. It is therefore a good idea to find out what she likes, what her interests lie or what her hobbies are. You then have something to socialize about, but also the opportunity to make the parting gift more personal.

Below are several ideas for a personal farewell gift for your maternity assistant:

  1. Birth announcement photo of the baby photo of the family drawings of your older children white cup painted by your children homemade card certificate 'best maternity aid' pen with inscription fruit basket chocolate bar with homemade wrapper nice lunch with her something she really likes (e.g. licorice, certain cookies) home baked cake / cupcakes something related to her hobby (eg reading - favorite book or magazines, hiking - walking route book)

Creativity at its best

  1. If you are utterly creative, even during your maternity week or if you have someone nearby who can help you with something, then you have already formed various possibilities from the above ideas. To further stimulate your creativity, you will find some ideas for a super personal gift below.

  2. If you are utterly creative, even during your maternity week or if you

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