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Give your doctor a mark: the Zorgkaart Nederland

  1. A report mark for a doctor, dentist or hospital? Giving a personal assessment of medical providers is increasingly common. The Zorgkaart Nederland tries to map the valuations of the whole of the Netherlands, so that choosing a care provider can become easier. The key question is of course: is that already possible?

Score for the doctor

  1. There were already organizations that tried to chart how the medical sector 'scores', for example by indicating what experiences people have with a care provider. But those were usually more small-scale initiatives, which often died an early death. The statement "This provider has not been reviewed yet, be the first!" after all, you can derive little information. A recent and country-wide initiative is the website

Healthcare card Netherlands

  1. This website is not the initiative of one small local stakeholder, but of a collaboration of organizations. Health insurer Zilveren Kruis Achmea is one of them. A spokesperson for Zilveren Kruis Achmea expressed the importance of the website as follows: “I can imagine that as a patient you want to know the quality of the hospital where you have to undergo cataract surgery. What could be better that when you search this hospital you end up on a website where others have written down their experience? An independent appreciation, which is useful. Not by other doctors, but by people who are or have been in the same boat. ”


  1. The initiative of Zorgkaart Nederland is nationwide. The spokesperson for Zilveren Kruis Achmea: “You can rate the local GP or the physiotherapist or dentist undergoing treatment. The great thing about the website is that everyone within their own village or city can appreciate the doctor. Especially if you are moving in somewhere new, it is very useful to consult the site. This brings healthcare close to the people. ”In addition to the support of Zilveren Kruis Achmea, the publishing house Bohn Stafleu van Loghum and the Dutch Patient Consumers Federation (NPCF) are actively involved. The fact that the Zorgkaart Nederland is nationwide does not mean that the initiators rest on their laurels. The spokesperson for Zilveren Kruis Achmea calls on organizations to also participate, and policyholders to take the opportunity to appreciate their doctor and to inform other people: "In this way, the website gets even more value. everyone benefits from an independent qualitative image of a particular doctor. ”

The points of appreciation

  1. The Healthcare Card Netherlands now lists more than 135,709 (figures September 2015) care providers and healthcare institutions with their data. You can search by the name of the care provider or by the category of services: for example, you can search for general practice or the profession of dentist. The data of the relevant healthcare provider or healthcare institution can be rated on six components. These parts are:

No mud please

  1. A rating can be given between 1 and 10. If you place a rating yourself, it will be assessed by an editor. The intention of the site is expressly to inform, and not to be a place where the loner can throw mud. Anyone who has said something remains anonymous, to ensure complete privacy. All this does not alter the fact that the site simply has honest reviews and apparently uncensored opinions.

The sum up

  1. The sum up. A number of the major healthcare providers are already well represented on the website, with multiple reviews. Local general practitioners and dentists are not always provided with assessments. Sub-departments, such as the dialysis department of a particular hospital, are also mentioned but certainly not always provided with specific assessments - you often have to consult the umbrella organization for this. In summary, there is still plenty of room for (your?) Input, but a reasonable amount of information can already be found, especially about larger healthcare institutions.

PS: not (only) here, but (also) there

  1. Various visitors to this article give an assessment of a care provider with whom they have experience in the response form on this website. Thank you for your involvement! But don't forget to also submit your assessment on the Zorgkaart Nederland website? This is because there is no link or information exchange between this article and the Zorgkaart Nederland.

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