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Gold balm: a medicinal Bergamot herb

  1. Bergamot is an herb plant. It is counted among the herbs. You cannot buy this herb in food stores; you will have to grow it yourself. That is not a punishment because bergamot is a beautiful and fragrant plant. Bergamot in this article refers to the herb with the Latin name Monarda didyma. This one does well in the shade garden in our cold frog country, although it will flower a little shorter. The bergamot citrus tree does not work in the Netherlands; this subtropical crop has been planted in large numbers in southern Italy.

Medicinal use

  1. In the winter the plant disappears underground so to use its healing power after the autumn you will have to dry the leaves and flowers. The fresh flowers and leaves are produced in the U.S. regularly used in fruit smoothies. You can make alternative Earl Gray tea from these parts if you mix it with black tea. A tea made exclusively from the flowers or leaves is called Oswegothee. In combination with butter or cream cheese you can make a sandwich spread. You can make a syrup from the flowers by making very strong tea and boiling cane sugar until it thickens. Another way to make syrup is to let the tea cool down first and mix it with honey

Gold balm increase

  1. There are several ways to multiply this plant. First of all, you can sow it under glass from March. After 30 days Purple gold balm / Source: Karelj, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Tips for eating gold balm

  1. The leaves of this bergamot plant are freshly edible. You could use them in fresh salads and desserts. The leaves are ideal for seasoning a fruit salad. It is also used as a garnish. Gold balm is often used in drinks such as herbal mixes for tea, as a spice that makes a punch more pleasant and in smoothies with, for example, apple or cucumber

Phytonutrients gold balm

  1. Gold balm mainly contains polyphenols

The healing power of bergamot

  1. White gold balm / Image source: Beentree, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0) Boiling an infusion of boiled flowers has a calming and mild analgesic effect. The herb reduces the symptoms of a cold. Gold balm is fever reducing. This nicely scented herb can dissolve mucus, open airways and help against asthma. It has a disinfecting effect; it has a fighting effect on germs in the form of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Gold balm is a natural antidepressant. Especially the flowers are used for this. Gold balm works well for the liver and therefore digestion in general. Gold balm works antispasmodic for muscles and nervous system. This plant is good for the circulation because the permeability of the capillaries is reduced and the blood vessel walls are strengthened.

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