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Hazel eyes: always a different color!

  1. Do you have eyes that are not really blue, gray, green or brown? Eyes that always seem to have a different color? Then you have hazel eyes! Hazel eyes are mysterious. It is difficult to say exactly what color they are. Some people call it a hazelnut color. But others call them green-brown, teal or golden. And they are all somewhat right, because hazel eyes are magical. They keep changing color. For example by the light, or by the color of your clothing, jewelry, accessories and make-up. Or by your mood.

Hazel eyes

  1. In scientific studies, eye color is often divided into the following three groups:

Hazel eyes and personality

  1. Because hazel eyes sometimes appear to have a different color than other times, people with hazel eyes are often characterized as unpredictable, lively, very accessible and inviting. And because hazel eyes tend to be green most, people with hazel eyes are also often referred to as jealous, as are people with green eyes.

Choose your eye color

  1. Clothing If you wear clothes that are the same color as your eyes, the color of your eyes will appear more intense. Do you have hazel eyes? Then you are lucky. Because thanks to the different shades that are in hazel eyes, they combine well with many different colors of clothing. This also applies to jewelry, accessories and make-up. By wearing the right colors you can choose which eye color to emphasize.

Jewelry and accessories

  1. Also with jewelry and accessories that you wear close to your eyes you can make a certain shade stand out in your hazel eyes. Do you want to accentuate the green in your eyes? Then choose earrings and a necklace that contains green. Or wear a green hairband or do green haircuts in your hair. You can also let the green shade shine in your eyes with a green scarf or with a green cap. Do you want to emphasize the brown tint in your eyes? Then choose jewelry and accessories with autumn colors. A blue or gray shade is best accentuated with jewelry in all kinds of shades of blue and gray.

Make-up for hazel eyes

  1. Hazel eyes seem to change color not only by the color of your clothes, jewelry and accessories, but also by the color of your make-up. So conjure with your hazel eyes and choose the right makeup to make the shade you want shine. Make your eyes appear extra green or brown, blue or gray. Green eyeshadow can make the green shade in hazel eyes stand out more. Purple eyeshadow can bring out the gray more and accentuate the green. Blue eyeshadow makes the blue stand out beautifully. There are many different shades of these colors. Try a few to see which ones accentuate your eyes the most.

Can your mood change your eye color?

  1. Many people say their eye color changes with their mood. Marco Borsato sings about it in the song "She": The look in her eyes changes the color of my day. "It's unbelievable, from black when she's angry, to bluer than blue when she smiles." Is that possible? Can your eye color really change when you are angry, happy or sad? No, but the color of your eyes may appear different due to your mood. When you're angry, the blood vessels in your eyes widen and redder. The contrast can make your iris appear even greener if you have green or hazel eyes. When you are sad, your pupils widen and the color of your eyes appears darker. Hazel's eyes then appear more brown than usual.

Celebrities with hazel eyes

  1. American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson made her hazel eyes famous in her hit "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Other celebrities with hazel eyes include:

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