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Health cough and bronchial problems

  1. Coughing is nothing more than your body's knee-jerk reaction to irritation in your airways. Many causes can underlie the cough. For those who cough, treatment with antibiotics is needed as soon as there is an increased risk. There may be a cough, cough with phlegm, bronchial problems and certain risk groups. Note the different symptoms of a cough. For example, what is bronchitis. There is acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis? Watch for signs of pseudo croup and whooping cough.

Cause of coughing

  1. Irritations of the airways can arise from several causes. Often it is a virus or a bacterium

Medicines and coughing

  1. The general rule is that only in exceptional cases coughing should be suppressed with medication. For example, when a tickling cough develops after abdominal surgery. It is better to maintain or update your resistance. The homeopathic medicine Echinaforce

Bronchial problems

  1. Bronchial coughs often result in strong mucus formation. The tougher the mucus, the more difficult it is to cough up. There are several expectorants for sale to relieve the cough with phlegm

What is acute coughing?

  1. We see acute coughing in diseases of the upper airways and also the lower airways. It's caused by infections. In the upper respiratory tract


  1. Be especially careful of serious respiratory infections that can occur in people at risk, including the very young, infants and the elderly. Increased attention is also needed if you are prone to infections and have previously experienced pneumonia. Or in case of heart defects, lung abnormalities, COPD, neurological disorders and heart failure.

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