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Healthy: Healthy alternatives to chips

  1. Losing weight is already difficult enough without leaving the TV snack on at night, but it often seems as if there are no healthy alternatives to the standard snacks such as chips. Yet there are a number of ways to still snack in the evening, without consuming the large amount of fat, salt and calories from chips. Healthy alternatives to chips can be found in many areas, such as various vegetables, nuts or for example vegetable chips!


  1. The chip area has only grown in recent years, with more choice than ever. In addition to the more famous paprika and natural chips, there are now also all kinds of variants such as oven chips, luxury chips, light chips and so on. Where the average chip type has around 520 kcal for 100 grams and consists of more than a quarter of fat, the oven-baked and light chips claim that they are much healthier. Although they certainly have less fat and less calories for the same amount of chips, these variants are still very unhealthy and certainly do not fit in a strict diet! Fortunately, there are various alternatives available to enjoy a nice snack every now and then.

Vegetables as healthy potato chips replacement

  1. Although vegetables do not seem like a good substitute for chips, there are a number of vegetables that come close. A healthy alternative to chips is, for example, a tray with radishes; this crunchy vegetable has a strong flavor and is very suitable to enjoy in the evening. Other snacks are, for example, the various snack tomatoes available today, or the more recent snack cucumbers or snack peppers. If the price of this snack vegetable is a deterrent, there are also older and more famous alternatives available, such as carrots, pickles or pearl onions. The advantage of snacking with vegetables is, besides that it contains little kcal, that it also contains extra vitamins that can only help your health further! Silverskin onions, for example, are full of vitamin A, which supports the body's natural resistance.

Olives healthy?

  1. Although olives may not come across as healthy, since they contain fat, they are a healthy alternative to chips. Where chips are around 500 kcal per 100 grams, with olives this is only 130 kcal per 100 grams. In addition, olives contain many monounsaturated fats that ensure the breakdown of fats in the body and stimulate good cholesterol. Olives also make us feel full faster and therefore consume less food. As a result, snacking on olives also ensures that we eat less than we would with chips!

Unsalted nuts

  1. Nuts can be a very healthy alternative to crisps, but care should be taken when choosing the right types! The ones that are unsalted and uncooked are particularly healthy. Examples of these nuts are, for example, the natural almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts or peanuts (please note; only unbaked, unsalted peanuts such as peanuts). Watch out; the number of kcal of nuts is higher than with chips; the healthy classification of nuts is mainly due to their protective effect against cardiovascular disease!

Are rice cakes a healthy alternative?

  1. Rice cakes can also be a good alternative to chips, but they still contain about 300 kcal per 100 grams! Although this is about 200 kcal per 100 grams less than with chips, the vegetable alternatives are still many times better! There are also various types of rice cakes with flavors or chocolate available, where the number of kcal is even higher than the 300 kcal of the standard types. Light rice cakes often contain much less kcal, often less than 100 kcal per 100 grams.

Fruit as a snack

  1. Fruit can also be a perfect healthy substitute for crisps; it is of course possible to cut ordinary fresh fruit into wedges and snack from it, but an alternative that comes closer to chips is dried fruit. Dried fruit is available in almost every supermarket and can provide an ideal snacking experience!

Ready-made or homemade vegetable chips

  1. An ideal healthy replacement for potato chips is vegetable chips. Vegetable chips are available in more and more supermarkets, but there can be large differences. Make sure that the chips are made with unsaturated fats, as this is healthier than the saturated fats that are often used with the normal chips. Vegetable chips are also easy to make yourself, from carrots, beets, sweet potatoes or parsnips, for example. The latter, parsnip, is a forgotten vegetable that is now available at almost every supermarket.

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