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Healthy, low-calorie birthday snacks

  1. Are you so disappointed that you have to pass up the bowl of snacks on birthdays because of the ten kilos you want to lose? It is not necessary! There are plenty of tasty snacks that you can easily make yourself and that are low in calories.

Examples of snacks that are healthy and low in calories are the following:

  1. Egg with ham. Boil two eggs (about 10 minutes), cut them into quarters. Cut four slices of ham in half. Wrap the egg in the ham and put a cocktail stick around it. You can also do this with smoked meat instead of ham. Pickle with ham. Usually pickle is combined with luncheon meat, but a pickle also tastes great with a slice of ham around it. Sandwich sausage is fat pork; while ham is low in calories and fat. Cubes of 30+ cheese, with, for example, a cube of pineapple or a pearl onion. Fruit skewers, with cubes of pineapple, wedges of mandarin, pieces of kiwi, apple, grapes… In short, all the fruit you like. Cut the fruit into cubes or pieces and skewer it on a skewer. This is especially recommended in summer. Also put some slices of chicken or turkey fillet on the dish. Seasoned breadsticks with a roll of raw ham. Put some toast on the table (Melba toast) with various types of light cheese spread or a homemade salad, based on yogurt instead of mayonnaise. You can make a healthy tuna salad yourself with tuna, light mayonnaise, capers, salt and pepper. Filled paprika. Cut a bell pepper open, remove the seeds and cut it lengthwise into "boats". You fill this with cottage cheese. Sprinkle some aromatics on top and you have a delicious low-calorie treat. Baguettes (preferably multigrain baguettes) with a leaf of lettuce and various types of fish, such as salmon, herring, mackerel, or (homemade) salad. Bowl, based on light juice. Roasted vegetable skewers. You can use all kinds of vegetables for this, such as bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini and onion. Cut the vegetables into pieces and thread them on skewers. Roast them in a grill pan for three minutes. Cut a slice of rye bread into quarters and top with salmon, light cream cheese or .... fruit sprinkles. The latter may seem like a strange combination, but it tastes delicious. Cucumber and sherry tomatoes slices; these are also delicious to combine with a block of 30+ cheese. You can also make a dipping sauce for dipping cucumber pieces. Make this dipping sauce based on yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. You can also make “monchou” snacks, by making rolls of ham with a filling of cream cheese and onion. Dip the sides of the roll in a bowl of parsley. Unfortunately, monchou is high in calories, but fortunately there are low-calorie varieties, such as light cream cheese. This snack is often very popular. Make toasts with salmon: a healthy snack, because of the omega3 fatty acids

Healthy, savory snacks

  1. An example of healthy, savory snacks that you can serve your guests are a bowl of nuts, student oats, raisins or Japanese mix, salty sticks and salty popcorn. Nuts are high in calories (600 kcal per 100 grams), but they contain mainly healthy fats. Salty sticks and Japanese mix contain hardly any fat and only 400 kcal per 100 grams.

Low-calorie pie

  1. A slice of cake contains about 300 calories, so a considerable amount. If she bakes a cake herself, you have the option to substitute certain ingredients, such as butter, for quark, for example. If you are not much of a kitchen princess, choose fruit flan (without whipped cream). This contains about 190 kcal per point.

Yogurt Cake

  1. Here is the recipe for yogurt cake. All you need is a pack of lady fingers, a liter carton of Optimel fruit yoghurt and 12 sheets of gelatin. Put the lady fingers on the bottom of a springform pan. Place the gelatin leaves in cold water. After five minutes, squeeze them and let them dissolve in a saucepan with two tablespoons of water. Then stir the fruit yogurt into the gelatin. Pour the mixture onto the lady fingers and let it set in the refrigerator for two hours.

Apple pie light

  1. "Apple pie" sounds very healthy, but it is absolutely not, with 260 kcal per slice. But don't worry: you can also make a low-calorie apple pie. The recipe for apple pie light looks like this.

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