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Healthy snacks for babies and young children

  1. Healthy nutrition is very important for babies and young children; They have to grow and learn a healthy eating style from an early age. Which snacks fit in a healthy lifestyle, and what are babies and young children allowed to eat and drink in between? In this article all information about healthy snacks.

Babies and healthy food

  1. Eating pattern for young babies Young babies are only breast- or bottle-fed in the first months. The amount of nutrition builds up per day in the beginning and later per week or month. From about four months, babies are allowed a fruit or vegetable snack. A snack is often given in addition to breast- or bottle-feeding and is primarily intended to introduce babies to more solid food. From six months on, the breast or bottle feeding of babies is gradually reduced. Babies often indicate themselves that they have a greater appetite for firmer food; they now eat, for example, a sandwich in small pieces or a ligabiscuit.

Eating pattern babies from 6-12 months

  1. For babies aged 0-12 months it is important that they have the opportunity to grow. That is why they are already allowed to eat and drink quite a lot (healthy). All the vitamins in the food and drink are literally necessary for young babies to grow. Usually a baby from about six months old has the following eating / drinking pattern:

Suitable healthy snacks for babies 6-12 months

  1. Because babies of 6-12 months have little or no teeth yet, not all healthy snacks are equally suitable. It is also wise to help the baby to eat some snacks because sometimes they cannot do it properly themselves. The period of 6-12 months can therefore best be seen as an experimental period; your baby will learn to feed independently. The following snacks are suitable for babies aged 6-12 months:

Young children and healthy food

  1. Eating habits of young children After a first baby year, many babies 'eat along'. This means that they have breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and an evening meal. Although babies from 1 year still need to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals, in practice they do not have to eat and drink an awful lot. Everything from 'the disk of five' is welcome. Children themselves indicate exactly what they need to fill their tummy. For parents it is important to pay a little attention to the eating habits of the young child; young children, for example, often prefer sweets rather than savory. For example, the dessert after dinner can taste better than the evening meal itself. Teach young children at an early age that the main meals are more important than everything around them, and only give them snacks when they want to eat other things.

Suitable, healthy snacks for children from the age of 1

  1. A piece of fruit; such as a pear, tangerine or apple. Preferably fresh fruit. vegetable; such as a piece of cucumber or tomato 1 biscuit or biscuit; such as a long finger, tea biscuit or egg cake (you) a cube of cheese or sausage a bowl of yoghurt or light product a breadstick or rice cake a sweet or liquorice (for example from Katja; without added coloring) a (small) ice cream, possibly. homemade from dairy or syrup

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