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Help, my child has worms

  1. Pinworms, pinworms or worms in children: are they dangerous? And: how do you treat them?

  1. Strong itching between the buttocks and itching on the skin around the anus. These symptoms can tell you that your child has worms. Especially if your child cannot fall asleep in the evening or wakes up because of a terrible itching.

What are Pinworms?

  1. The official name of worms is Pinworms or pinworm. Pinworms are small white worms. The length of the worms is about eight millimeters. If they just come out of the body and are on the skin around the anus, they are still moving. This twisting causes itching. The worms lay eggs around the anus. This irritates the skin. Girls can also have itchy vagina.


  1. Children have worms because they have received the eggs from them. Worms that crawl out through the anus are females. The females lay eggs on the skin around the anus opening. This causes itching. Your child will scratch and get the sticky eggs on his fingers. Eggs are transferred so easily. If your child puts those same fingers in his mouth, he will get the eggs back in. The eggs are transferred to other children through contact with doorknobs, toys and other objects. The eggs can also dry out and end up in the bedding or house dust.


  1. Sometimes you can see that there are one or more worms between the buttocks. If your child has a very bad itch, this is a good time to check whether he indeed has worms. If you keep the buttocks together carefully, you can see the worms lying or moving.


  1. You can treat worms by giving your child a Mebendazole tablet. You do this twice, with an interval of fourteen days. It is very important to take this medicine again after those fourteen days. The drug is harmless to us, but it kills the worms. You can buy Mebendazole at the drug store. Brothers and sisters are often treated at the same time. Children under two years of age should not have Mebendazole, because there is still insufficient data on the effect of the drug in this group. This drug is also not prescribed to pregnant women. Not enough information is known about the possible consequences for the embryo. It is important to prevent your child from being infected again. Therefore, keep your child's nails short and help wash their hands properly. At the beginning of the treatment, wash all bedding and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. The eggs cannot tolerate water.

Dog Children and adults can contract roundworms through contact with dog feces. Pups are often in possession of these worms. Roundworm eggs are resistant to anything and everything and your child can therefore also ingest the worms through a sandbox or playground. Children often get infected because they put everything in their mouth. This article has been approved by Carole Lasham, general pediatrician at the Tergooi Hospital in Blaricum. Her areas of focus are lung disease and allergies, but she also has a lot of experience with crying babies and knowledge about Down syndrome. Also read The pinworm: a bad pier Keep scratching due to anal itching Vaginal itching Cracks or fissures in the anus Tapeworms: black-eating parasites Don't miss anything?

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