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Herbs and food for pregnant women

  1. There are herbs and foods that are extra healthy for mothers and babies. If you are expecting, it may be wise to take some herbs and vegetables a little more often. Even if you are breastfeeding, as a mother you can drink some teas that will benefit both you and the baby. Do you know which herbs and foods you can safely eat and drink as a pregnant woman? These herbs and vegetables have the potential to have a positive medicinal effect for pregnant or breastfeeding women. All foods are available in supermarkets, at the market or in an organic shop.


  1. Rooibos

Fennel and fennel seeds

  1. Fennel is a tasty vegetable. Fennel seeds are also delicious. You can eat it after a meal for a fresh mouth or you can use it to make a tea. It tastes a bit like anise


  1. Fenugreek is an herb that should only be used after the 37th week of pregnancy. It is wise to use this herb in moderation. There are two side effects of fenugreek, in addition to the fact that some people may be allergic to a particular herb or food. The positive side of fenugreek is that it makes childbirth easier and that it promotes the production of breast milk. Furthermore, it helps to prevent diabetes and is a natural means for breast enlargement. Fenugreek contains substances that promote the production of certain hormones. The two side effects of fenugreek are that they can cause spontaneous abortion if you take it before the 37th week and can make you feel sick. Against the latter is the combination with ginger, a medicine in phytotherapy

Sesame oil

  1. Sesame oil spreads easily and absorbs well into the skin. It contains many nourishing substances for the skin. In general, sesame oil is much better than plastic bottle baby oil. Sesame oil contains all kinds of minerals and phytonutrients


  1. Artichokes are one of the few vegetables that contains a relatively large amount of folic acid. Folic acid, in the Netherlands


  1. The healing power of ginger is popular among expectant mothers. Pregnancy sickness and vomiting are bothersome conditions. It can even get serious. In extreme cases, daily pregnancy breaks for weeks can lead to spontaneous abortion. Eating a healthy diet, so no snack food and lots of fresh products, works well in itself against morning sickness. You can counteract the nausea by drinking ginger tea and using ginger in dishes. Another way is to drink morning sickness with water


  1. Chamomile has several positive medicinal uses. For example, it works against stomach acid. It is important for the baby that chamomile works against bile colic, intestinal colic, stomach colic and stomach cramps. Babies sometimes suffer from this. Chamomile tea can help keep babies healthy. A breastfeeding mother can drink chamomile tea herself so that the substances get into the baby's stomach by themselves. For bottle feeding you can make a mixture with a quarter cup of lukewarm chamomile tea. Do not make the chamomile tea strong.

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