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Hoarseness can be a serious cause

  1. Everyone is hoarse or hoarse from time to time. For example after long and loud talking. Or after a night out and during a cold. Children can literally scream hoarse. In the majority of cases, loss of voice is a harmless, transient symptom. The result of a throat infection, in which the vocal cords are somewhat swollen and have mucus on them. If the hoarseness doesn't go away, or keeps coming back, something else could be going on. From polyps on the vocal cords to throat cancer.


  1. What is hoarseness? Symptoms and types of hoarseness Hypertonic hoarseness Hypotonic hoarseness Causes of hoarseness and a hoarse throat Throat Cancer Paralysis of the vocal cords To the doctor

What is hoarseness?

  1. Hoarseness (dysphonia) is a collective term for practically everything that has to do with vocal abnormalities. It is a problem of the vocal cords that no longer close properly when speaking or singing. The voice is then no longer clear. In any case, there is a loss of function. Complaints then arise

Symptoms and types of hoarseness

  1. The cause of hoarseness or a hoarse voice is usually harmless in nature, such as a cold or other transient laryngitis accompanied by a sore throat. The complaints and symptoms vary from a hoarse, hoarse, veiled or pinched voice to complete loss of voice, depending on whether it concerns a hypertonic and hypotonic hoarseness. It is very important to see the doctor for any hoarseness that lasts longer than two weeks

Causes of hoarseness and a hoarse throat

  1. The causes are numerous and not all can be captured in the list below. They range from smoking

Throat Cancer

  1. This cancer, which often starts with hoarseness and difficulty swallowing, occurs mainly in smokers. However, more causes can play a role. Usually it concerns a carcinoma of the squamous epithelial cells at the front of the vocal cords. Carcinoma above and below the vocal cords is less common. The prognosis

Vocal cord paralysis

  1. This condition often occurs due to the very long course of the recurrens nerve, an innervating nerve that also controls the vocal cords. This nerve runs to the left under the aorta and to the right under the subclavian artery

To the doctor

  1. If you are hoarse you should save your vote, but that goes without saying. In addition, all kinds of remedies are available at the drugstore for hoarseness. From gargles to "candies", sprays and painkillers. Of course you can benefit from it. However, hoarseness is a symptom, a phenomenon that indicates a condition. If you continue to experience hoarseness for weeks, it's important to see your doctor and not keep experimenting with drugstore items and all kinds of home remedies, such as salt water gargling.

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