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How healthy is celery juice?

  1. Sure enough, there's another new hype among bloggers and celebrities: drinking celery juice. The green bitter juice is said to give your health a huge boost. Health Network is investigating whether this is true.

  1. Once upon a time… There was an American bestselling author, Anthony William. This health guru and 'medical medium' has 1.7 million followers on Instagram. He starts every day with half a liter of celery juice. On Youtube he posts videos about his habit, in which he does not shy away from firm statements: "Celery juice cures" and "Celery juice can save your life". William calls himself deadly serious the 'founder of the celery juice movement'. Stars like Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow take his admonition to heart. They now drink the green stuff every day. Also on Instagram the hashtags the #selderijsap or #celeryjuicechallenge are increasing considerably.


  1. Now what is William's claim? That celery juice cleanses the body, that it kills bacteria and that it rids the body of toxins, heavy metals and medicine residues. The ancient theory of detoxification or detoxification. That theory can safely be considered a fable. Our body has kidneys, a liver and intestines and that golden trio is very capable of removing waste products from our body. William's claim is not based on anything. Even more damaging, he claims he can "cure" people of serious autoimmune diseases just by drinking celery juice. There is not a shred of scientific evidence for that.

Nutritional value of celery juice

  1. Then let's take a look at the nutritional value of celery juice. Celery is naturally rich in dietary fiber, potassium and calcium and also a fair amount of vitamin C. When you juice it, the dietary fiber disappears, but the minerals and vitamins will largely be retained. Celery juice also contains hardly any sugar and few calories. And what about the diuretic effect of celery? That has not been demonstrated either. Celery is simply - like all vegetables - rich in moisture. All in all, it is a healthy juice. But that's not specifically true of celery juice: any vegetable juice is fine. Make it yourself or choose a variant from the pack that contains no added salt.


  1. What about half a liter of juice in the morning? For that you need a large bush of celery every day. It fills your stomach and will put your bladder and kidneys to work to excrete the fluid again. That way it does indeed seem like you are 'detoxing'. However, you also have that effect from half a liter of water, tomato juice or other juice. The taste is of course debatable, but many people find the green juice quite bitter and distinct in taste. Then, every day, half a liter seems like a medicine and that in turn contributes to the healthy image.

Conclusion Drinking vegetable juice is a healthy habit, but half a liter of celery juice a day is absolutely unnecessary. Mr. William makes harmful claims and makes false promises. Juice per 500 ml Product Kcal Fiber (gram) Carbohydrates (gram) Potassium (mg) Calcium (mg) Vitamin C (mg) Celery* 70 5.5 * 10 1600 400 125 Tomato juice 80 2 16 1060 65 40 Carrot juice 145 0 32 1290 85 0 Sauerkraut juice 35 0 6 880 175 80 Beet juice 170 0 39 1450 15 15 A * Source: NEVO online. Unfortunately, the nutritional value of juice is unknown for celery, an amount of 500 grams has been calculated for this. The fiber content of juice will be much lower. A Don't miss anything?

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