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How healthy is mint?

  1. Mint, from just before the turn of the century immensely popular as a tea or a few sprigs in a jug with water (and some ice cubes) during the warmer summer months. Add a slice of lemon or lime and you belong. It seems that coin has become some kind of fashion product. This, while mint stands for more than just a nice cup of fresh tea or fresh glass of water. Mint is simply a healthy product.

What is it?

  1. Mint is an herb, mentha. It belongs to the perennial plants and is part of the lip flower family. It is characterized by strongly scented substances, slightly menthol-like and is used as a fragrance and flavoring agent. The mint oil that is distilled from the mint comes mainly from spearmint or peppermint. We often see Aalmunt in the supermarkets, the specialty stores generally have several types in their house, but make sure that it is for consumption and not just as an ornamental plant in the garden (this has to do with pesticides used). This must be indicated.

What's it good for?

  1. Although it has become a popular plant (also as an ornamental plant) for a number of years, it has been around for thousands of years and we know from several cultures from the traditions.


  1. Mint will not let you lose weight, it is not a panacea. Still, currency can play a role if you want to lose weight. The strong smell of mint tea can satisfy your hunger and the chance of snacking is then a lot smaller. Have a pot of mint tea regularly and enjoy it, if you want to lose weight, just leave the matching honey.


  1. It has not yet been scientifically established, but there are several studies showing that mint in toothpaste can whiten teeth. Moreover, it gives a nice and fresh feeling in the mouth.

Can mint also be eaten?

  1. We often see herbs in all kinds of dishes and it is therefore logical that we think we might be able to eat mint as well. And that's right, because mint can easily be used in a pasta or potato dish. Do not let it cook or bake (taste can become predominant), but add (finely chopped) when the dish is ready.

Grow it yourself

  1. You can buy mint as a ready-to-use plant in the store, but seeds also go a long way. Once it is big enough and can, for example, in the garden, make sure that it does not proliferate. Mint tends to take up the space given to the plant. Unless you are using a lot of it and have enough space, a large container or cordoned off area is better to keep the plant in check.


  1. We can say that mint is more than a nice cup of fresh tea. Mint does have added value for various disorders. Conditions in which you should of course never put the regular doctor on the second plan, but where you can easily include mint in a healthy diet.

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