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How healthy is orange juice?

  1. The orange is healthy and packed with vitamin C (per 120 grams of orange, about 61 milligrams). We are not saying anything new with that. But how different will it be when we squeeze that healthy fruit and turn it into a glass of orange juice? Is it more useful or not and what vitamins does a carton of orange juice provide?

The orange

  1. The orange - originally from China - is a fruit and belongs to the citrus family. Originally, the fruit had a purely decorative function for a long time… until the moment that it was seen as a product to be eaten and it turned out to be healthy. We often get our oranges from the countries around the Mediterranean, where Spain can be called a "major supplier". Other citrus fruits (within the group) are:

All healthy

  1. Freshly squeezed orange juice actually contains pulp, at least if you take the whole juice. This in turn yields more dietary fiber, but does not mean that it can / should be drunk unlimited. Fruit juice contains natural sugars * and therefore also kilocalories. In addition, there are acids in the juice and that can (with frequent use) affect your teeth. Drinking a juice is fine, but don't drink it too much. Everything in moderation and that also applies to orange juice. Do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards, but let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes between juice and brushing your teeth!

How to apply

  1. Additions If you do not drink freshly squeezed but get it from a bottle or carton, then it must contain at least 50% juice, otherwise it cannot be called orange juice. Furthermore, water and any other substances are added. This can be found on the relevant label (see also E numbers). If there is pulp, the dietary fiber naturally provides more good basic materials for the body.

Press yourself

  1. If you are going to press yourself, it is best to take the pressing oranges. You need about 10 oranges for about one liter. There are often many seeds in it and peeling is difficult, but that is not bad to press. They are also usually a bit cheaper than the regular orange, but for a little juice you also need quite a few oranges.


  1. As mentioned, orange juice cannot be drunk unlimited. For example, take a glass of preferably freshly squeezed a maximum of twice a week and alternate it with other types of fruit. More than 3 pieces of fruit per day is not the intention. If you like to eat fruit and are above the daily norm, it is better to take more acidic fruits. These are better than the sweeter varieties. As with so many things… everything in moderation.


  1. Fruit is healthy, but that does not alter the fact that you can do unlimited amounts of fruit. Besides stress on the teeth, it provides calories, sugar and is not good for the liver in large quantities. A healthy lifestyle consists of a good nutritional plan and sufficient exercise.

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