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How healthy is the kiwi?

  1. We like the kiwi, or from original Chinese gooseberry, and we know that the kiwi is healthy. We don't really vary much with the kiwi, because most people only eat it now and then as a piece of fruit, which is a shame. Knowing that the kiwi is healthy, it should come back much more in the healthy diet. So the question still remains, do we even know how healthy the kiwi actually is?


  1. The kiwi, or Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia Chinensis), originates from China and has been eaten there for centuries. It took until the early 20th century before the seeds of this Chinese gooseberry were brought to New Zealand. This is where the first varieties emerged with which the growers have continued. He did not get the name Kiwi until much later, when it turned out that it became an important export product for New Zealand and that Chinese gooseberry would not really work clearly from a technical point of view.

The healthy kiwi!

  1. The kiwi is extremely healthy, because with one kiwi you already have 1.5 times the daily requirement for vitamin C. Furthermore, the kiwi contains a lot of potassium and pectin. But also vitamins A and E, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and folic acid.

What do all these substances do for your body?

  1. A summary gives a good idea why one kiwi regularly is good for you. The most important aspects at a glance:

The yellow or green kiwi?

  1. The yellow kiwi has only been around since 2000 (at least in Europe), but has quickly become popular. It is a product that has emerged from the continuous improvement of the kiwi (by the growers).

How to apply?

  1. What many people don't do is eat the skin, but if you brush it well, it is an extremely healthy product to eat with. The peel contains a lot of fiber and with good brushing, you remove the “hairs” and the peel is fine to eat. Cut the kiwi into slices with the skin still on or eat it straight from the hand. Fine to eat and extremely healthy!


  1. The kiwi is extremely healthy and you now know how and that the kiwi can be used in more ways than just the well-known piece of fruit. As stated earlier “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, this actually also applies to the kiwi. Only a nice slogan has to be devised for that.

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