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How many calories are there in chocolate Easter eggs?

  1. Every year from February chocolate Easter eggs are available in the shop. These chocolate eggs are available in a hundred different flavors. These delicious eggs are only small and you can easily eat a few in a row. A small Easter egg seems to do little harm, even if you want to lose weight. Yet one Easter eggs contains quite a lot of calories and relatively a lot of fat. Fortunately, chocolate Easter eggs have also been shown to have very beneficial effects on health.

Chocolate Easter eggs

  1. Chocolate Easter eggs are a very popular Easter treat. The pleasant experience when eating chocolate Easter eggs and other chocolate products is because the melting point of the cocoa butter is slightly lower than the body temperature, causing the chocolate to melt in the mouth. Chocolate Easter eggs are available in many varieties in the weeks prior to Easter. Some chocolate shops sell more than 100 different types. The most common chocolate eggs are: solid dark, milk white and filled Easter eggs with a filling of praline, hazelnut, eggnog. In most cases the chocolate eggs are colorfully wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

Chocolate Easter eggs healthy or unhealthy?

  1. Are chocolate Easter eggs healthy or unhealthy to this question, German researchers gave an answer in 2012. They concluded after more than ten years of research that eating chocolate has a positive effect on health. The study found that a study group of more than 800 people aged 18 to 65 who ate an average amount of chocolate from one Easter egg (8 grams) during the study period had a lower blood pressure and a 40 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease. , than the study group of 800 people in the same age group, who had eaten less than 2 grams of chocolate per day.


  1. Source: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Chocolate not healthy

  1. However, we should not immediately conclude that chocolate Easter eggs are healthy. In comparison with many other snacks, chocolate Easter eggs contain quite a lot of sugar and have a high fat percentage. In addition, you can compare the number of calories in 1 small chocolate egg with the number of calories in an apple, ice cream and a slice of gingerbread.

Calories chocolate Easter eggs

  1. In the overview below you can see how many calories a chocolate Easter egg of your choice contains.

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